Preparing for Baby #4

To be honest, there’s not a whole lot of that going on. I am nesting a little and cleaning everything in sight. But the baby’s room is not finished, my bag for the hospital is not packed, and WE DO NOT HAVE A NAME FOR THE BABY! It’s not really been at the top of my list.

Right now my focus has been on my kids–the three that I have right now. I feel like they are going to lose their mommy for a few days and then have a very preoccupied version of her when I come home with Baby #4! The past few weeks, I have blown off unpacking (we just moved a month ago) and getting things ready more times than I can count. I know that AFTER the baby comes, my days building sandcastles at the beach will be very limited for several weeks. Here we are the day before my delivery, and I am ready for this baby, and somehow, I created a balance of getting stuff done while also being attentive to my family!

Arranging Childcare

My mom is here and will be here for ten days. She will be in charge of the kids while we are at the hospital. Then she will make sure I am taking it easy after my scheduled c-section. I feel so secure knowing they are in good hands.

Prepping the Room

I have had to buy very little for this baby. We still had the crib, changing table, and lots of clothes. I did get rid of a lot of baby stuff, but I have lots of other mommy friends who are doing the same. I scored a baby carrier, stroller, boppy pillow, bassinette, and lots of other necessities. A couple of friends threw me a shower where I received lots of diapers, gift cards, and some new bright clothes for baby boy!

Prepping the room

Spending Time with the Family

I feel like I got some good time in with my family and friends. Trips to the beach, playing at the park, volunteering at school, a date night with the hubby, crafting with the kids, and just snuggling on the couch with my three-year-old.

Kathy with kids at Alligator Farm
Having fun with the kids at the Alligator Farm!

Cleaning Everything

I am now the queen of bleach. Not sure what it is, but I don’t normally go crazy with bleach. I think moving into someone else’s house and being eight months pregnant has made me a little obsessive. So much of our stuff was in storage while our house was staged to sell that it got pretty dusty and dirty. I feel like I have been scrubbing everything in sight for a month. I didn’t do it all at once, but here and there, I finally got everything cleaned.

Packing My Bag

It’s packed and ready to go. Thankfully I live 5 minutes from the hospital, so I did not stress too much about having everything perfect. I packed my toiletries, a few nightgowns, some nursing tops, my Kindle, my camera, a few items for baby, my nursing pillow, and my nursing cover.

Off to check in at the hospital at 5:30am!
Off to check in at the hospital at 5:30am!

Kids Meet Baby

The big kids have school tomorrow, but my c-section is scheduled for 7:30am, so I will have them come and meet the baby before school and be a little tardy. They are so excited and so ready for this baby to come. My three-year-old made a birthday card for him yesterday, all on her own while I was out running errands. When we prayed at bedtime tonight, all three kids were thankful that they finally get to meet their baby brother! Baby brother will be giving each of them a gift tomorrow when they meet him!

The Name

The night before and we still DO NOT have this nailed down! Still not stressed. I know something will come when we are holding that baby boy in our arms!

Kathy Waller
Kathy is a Georgia girl who followed her surfer husband Chuck to the beaches of Jacksonville where she became mom to elementary-aged twins Sophie and Will, preschooler Lainey, and baby Henry! Stay at home mom and avid volunteer, Kathy truly believes in teaching her children to embrace the community, to depend on each other, and to serve one another. Kathy served for a decade in the Junior League of Jax and is in her third year serving on the executive board of the PTA where her children attend school. She is very active in her church, Neptune Baptist and has been involved in the MOMS Club of Jax Beach for over eight years. Kathy has learned so much in her career as a software consultant for Oracle, but is always amazed at the skills she has acquired as a mom and community volunteer. Kathy also enjoys running and completed her last marathon (#9) in 2011, but always wonders if she shouldn't just do another to have a good even 10 under her belt!


  1. I am so excited to meet Baby Waller! You are such a great mom and I love your zen attitude towards the whole thing. Love you!


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