Kid-Friendly Green Cleaning

As I watched my daughter crawl all over our floors last year, I began to wonder if the chemicals I used to clean it with would transfer on to her skin. And what about the bleach spray I used in the baths, and pretty much on every surface in our home? So I finally decided to start going green with my household cleaners. I didn’t immediately toss it all out, because that would be a waste of money. Each time I emptied a bottle I would replace it with a greener option. What I found was I only needed a few simple ingredients to create homemade green cleaners!



Baking Soda + Vinegar

So cheap and as green as you can get! For surfaces sprinkle baking soda and then lightly spray with a spray bottle of water. This mixture gets rid of soap scum and even marks on a wall. For grout and showers create a paste with baking soda and water and spread all over. Add a splash of vinegar and let the bubbles to the rest! Let it set for a few minutes or even overnight if you need a deep clean. I love this one because I just leave it on all night and I scrub it while I’m in the shower!


Vinegar+ Water
Add a splash of scented tea tree oil* for a great smell! Here’s another tip. Do you use a Swiffer floor duster? Don’t keep buying disposable pads- instead stock up on microfiber cloths and wrap them around the broom part. I use it to dust and mop. The cloths pick up EVERYTHING!


Club Soda + Lemon Juice
In a spray bottle mix one cup of club soda and one tablespoon of lemon juice. My 3-1/2 year old loves to help clean the patio doors. I arm him with rubber gloves and cleaning cloths. It keeps him busy for 20 minutes! The windows may not exactly be streak-free when he helps but I love that I am teaching him to respect and take care of  our home.


Water + Old Tees
How many of you use wipes or paper towels to clean sticky hands after meal time or snacks? Try cutting up some old  t-shirts (minus the armpits!) into squares and keep them with your dish towels. I keep a laundry basket near the kitchen and just toss them in when I am done cleaning up my kiddos.

I don’t make everything homemade but these are so easy to do! I would love to hear some more simple green cleaning tips you use in your home.

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*Tea tree oil can be found at Whole Foods and Native Sun Foods.

Tiffany never dreamed she would be mom material let alone a SAHM! Leaving her full-time job as a marketing manager/graphic designer, Tiffany set out to explore the world of spit-up, Sesame Street and sleep deprivation. Managing her two little ones has definitely proven to be a challenge of patience and will but at the end of the day those sweet faces make each day fulfilling. Married to her husband of ten years, the couple takes every opportunity to explore new places even if it means being out of their comfort zone. Outside of her children and spouse, Tiffany truly enjoys vintage stores, photography with her beloved Nikon, a good facial, wine and chick flicks. Her role at Jacksonville Moms Blog will be to take her readers through the journey of living greener. It’s sure to be a great resource for using easy-to-create household cleaners to what to do with all of that food your toddler just wasted!


  1. I always love your posts, Tiffany. Great info! P.S. Don’t mix the baking soda and vinegar together first in a closed container. We used to do that as kids to create our own explosions! With my mother’s permission, of course. 🙂

  2. Great points! We basically stopped using paper towels. It’s one step in the green cleaning journey. I also make my own cleaners, though I don’t know if I can boast as much success with that.


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