The Bay & Bee Family: Finding Your ‘Spot’ in Jacksonville


When we moved to Jacksonville last summer, I was beyond eager and ready to find our ‘spot.’ You know, the place that feels like home; your go-to excursion when you have to get out of the house, and it’s too darn hot to go to the beach or the pool. We live in Riverside, and as much as I love our local coffee houses and the library, my kids really needed something more. But I am a self-proclaimed picky mom. No flashing lights, loud music and arcade games for my crew. Where in the name of St Johns River can I take my offspring?! After a quick Google search, I discovered Bay & Bee.

Bay & Bee

Bay & Be actually has TWO locations! One closer to the beach off Atlantic Blvd near San Pablo, and spot #2 in Bartram Springs!

What first brought me to Bay & Bee was the fact that it was one-of-a-kind; a calm and serene environment that quickly became our ‘spot’.

Bay & Bee has created such a treasured community. Stay at home moms and stay at home dads, the working mom, the military family, the family with a child who has special needs; every single family found Bay & Bee because of its uniqueness and have remained loyal because of the community.

This member, Ali, has been with Bay & Bee since the beginning and explained, “My wife and I joined Bay & Bee because of its mission to be a calm play space that promotes a child’s creativity and independence.”

Bay & Bee

More than just some place to take my kids, we love Bay & Bee because of the attention and effort they put into their play space. Monica and Zuzia, the co-owners of Bay & Bee, put an enormous amount of effort into creating the space that became my families ‘spot.’ We love Bay & Bee because the owners keep the principals that are important to me, an eco-friendly environment with educationally stimulating toys, at the forefront of everything they do.

A Bay & Bee membership is perfect for every family. This working mama, Melissa, explains why Bay & Bee is important to her, “Life as a working mom with two toddlers can be challenging, exhausting and chaotic. I rely on Bay & Bee as one of my “go-to” weekend activities. Bay & Bee affords me a safe, clean and engaging play space for us to let our imaginations run wild during play.”

Andre, a work at home dad who loves Bay & Bee, uses the space for play and work, “I love the clean, friendly and overall chill environment. Very little reason to say “no” while in Bay & Bee so it makes for a happy kid and a happy parent! The music is always my speed and the wifi is great! I work from home so it allows me to stay connected while still having family fun. Our babysitter takes our son there making their time together more enjoyable and easier on both of them!”

Bay & Bee

Caregivers, nannies, aunts, uncles, and grandparents can take your little one to play while you are at work or out running errands.

This thoughtful space is filled with love, and a community of supportive parents flourishes. This military wife, Erin, shared “There is so much to like about Bay and Bee, but what stands out most is the people. Prior to Bay and Bee, I was a pretty lonely stay at home mom. I love that this play space for my children has really turned into a community for me. There are always other moms to talk with who can relate.

With such a welcoming, clean and engaging environment (for both me and my children!) I found myself coming back week after week with my then three-year-old after dropping my son off at school. I had decided not to enroll my daughter in preschool and was delighted with the free workshops and classes offered throughout the week for members. I never felt like she was missing out on socialization or activities because Bay & Bee filled that gap with so many wonderful workshops.

Bay & Bee

This mama, Stacy, who will soon be returning to work, is a Bay & Bee workshop regular. “I have enjoyed the essential oil classes and I love the parenting classes. The variety of what they do there is so nice. My son would definitely say his favorite is ‘Nature Exploration Class’ by Wings Worms and Wonder!”

Bay & Bee’s calendar is filled to the brim with activities for both mom and dad AND kiddo. And, I have to say, Music Monday with Eric is always fun. What is more adorable than a bunch of kids dancing to a ukulele?

Bay & Bee feels like home to both me and my kids, and the other moms and dads feel like family. As a self-proclaimed picky mom, it’s been such a relief knowing that Bay & Bee is there on the days that we need to get out of the house and the days that I need support from another parent. Find your ‘spot’ at Bay & Bee!

A special thank you to the loyal members, Erin Elliott, Stacy Scott, Ali Hall, Melissa Sleigman and Andre Lapar, who helped me to write this post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and being such valued members of the Bay & Bee community.

Thank you, Bay & Bee for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love the space and the staff is always friendly! I first was introduced to this place when attending a workshop held by Jen with Jax Breastfeeding. I have twin 6 month olds and I can’t wait for them to enjoy the space!

  2. I don’t know what I love most because I’ve just recently learned about it and haven’t been. I have older boys (5 & 12) but also have custody of a newly mobile 8 month old who would LOVE a space where the big boys could interact with her but in a space more geared towards her as she continues to grow.

  3. I love the calm, loving energy there. It’s a great place for children to make self discoveries through play!

  4. I took my 14 month old for our first visit this past weekend. I loved it! Everyone there was so nice! My favorite thing about our visit was there was SO MUCH for him to do! As soon as we walked in I could see his little eyes roaming like “what can I get into first?” I don’t think there’s one area he didn’t visit. Super fun! Super clean! Great environment! I’d recommend it to anyone with a busy little one!

  5. We went for the first time last week, and loved it! My girls are 3 and 1 1/2 so finding a play space that will fit both age ranges is very challenging! We are a military family so I stay home with our girls and I have been trying to integrate Montessori based education during our daily routine. When we walked into Bay and Bee I was so excited to see so many of the things I had wanted to create in our own home!

  6. I have never been but would love to take our’s right around the corner from us and I love how clean and open the play area looks from the pictires .

  7. We want to try it out soon! I love how they have so many fun activities plus the option just to play! I also like the Montessori/Waldorf influences. 🙂

  8. My husband and I live at the beach and have been wanting to try Bay n Bee forever (well, his enthusiasm is slightly less than mine lol). As a teacher and an old fashioned mommy, I love everything wooden. My mom (our son’s Grammy) is a fan of everything wooden too (probably where I get it), so our son has pretty much no electronic toys. I love that Bay n Bee goes with the philosophy of letting the kids use their imagination instead of an electronic toy telling them what to imagine!

  9. My 3 y/o and my 14 month old both love Bay & Bee when we have been. They’d love to be able to play as much as they want for a month!

  10. I have yet to make it to Bay & Bee but look forward to doing so! I have heard wonderful things about it and know many mothers and nannies that take their children there! I look forward to finding out what all the buzz is about for myself!!!

  11. Such a unique environment for the kiddos! Love that it is indoors. Florida weather is so unpredictable, and bay & bee is somewhere we could play rain or shine!

  12. I’m always trying to find new things to do with my kids, and I’m excited to try Bay & Bee. I love having a sense of community when I go out with my family. It’s helps make Jacksonville feel a little smaller and close knit. I look forward to adding Bay & Bee to our list of familiar places for our family.

  13. I love the soothing colors and overall atmosphere that Bay & Bee provides the little ones. I have two boys -ages 2.5 yrs and 9 months – and I love the idea of a space where they both can have fun, age appropriate activities to play with and aid in their learning!

  14. I would love to try it out for my 22 month old and my new 2 month old! It is very lonely staying at home 🙁

  15. We haven’t been lucky enough to visit, but I am absolutely in love with the clean and beautiful space and all of the play areas geared for imaginative play!

  16. I am new in town and I am hoping to take my little ones there so we can all make new friends! We have only been once but we loved it and we would love to make it our spot.

  17. Best.Place.Ever! Found about this jewel after attending a local breastfeeding group meeting that was being held there. So many of my mommy friends come here and love it so we got a membership and it was one of the best decisions ever! The daily schedule of activities and groups are wonderful, always something to do. Meeting new mommy friends is an added plus. Worth every penny!


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