Fun LEGO Ideas For Your Next “Block” Party!

 The LEGO Movie has been the number one family movie at the box office for weeks and my kids loved every “block” buster second of it! We are big LEGO fans in my house. My two children started with the DUPLO blocks and have graduated to LEGO City building sets and LEGO Friends villages. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stepped on a blue, yellow, or red brick or found the small plastic pieces in a jean or dress pocket.

Lego Play


I love that LEGOs inspire kids to build and use their imagination. I was excited to put together some fun ideas that would keep that creative spirit flowing. If your little one has a birthday coming up, or you want to have a constructing play date, here are some LEGO party tips to get you started!


LEGO Places:

Bricks 4 Kidz

What could be better than a party room filled with LEGOs? There are several Bricks 4 Kidz locations in the Jacksonville area and the birthday party packages include a party host and lots of LEGO games, challenges, and creative play time. You can choose to have each party guest create a mini-figure or race car to take home and the birthday child receives a T-shirt. (Visit to find your closest Jacksonville location.)


I took my son to LEGOLAND for his 7th birthday and it was a dream come true. LEGOLAND Florida is designed for families with children ages 2 to 12. It features more than 50 rides, shows, and attractions, restaurants, shopping, and the all-new LEGOLAND Water Park. It is approximately three hours from Jacksonville. You can cover the park in one day, but plan for two days to fit in all the fun. My son was thrilled to pick out his birthday present from the giant LEGO store at the exit. You’ve been warned. For more of my LEGOLAND adventure, click HERE. (LEGOLAND, 1 Legoland Way, Winter Haven, FL 33884.)



LEGO Games:

Fill the Bucket

I love games that you can execute with items you already have around your house. For this one you’ll need four buckets, two plastic cups, some Legos, and space to move. You place two empty buckets on one end and two buckets filled with LEGOs by the children. You divide the group into two teams. The first team to run back and forth and fill their bucket first..wins!

Create Your Own LEGO Character

Your kids can have fun inventing their own original LEGO character. You will need to download and print out a free mini figure coloring page printable. Divide the kids into coloring centers and let the creativity begin! You can then hang the little guys around the party room for everyone to enjoy.

LEGO Car Race

For this one you’ll need some of those little LEGO wheels. The kids will build their own LEGO cars and you can have prizes for the coolest looking, the most original design, and the one that wins the race.

How High Can You Build?

Each child should start with their own small pile of LEGO bricks. They will sit in a circle on the floor around a square LEGO base. Going around the circle, each child will add one brick on top of the other and watch the tower grow. How high will the tower grow before it topples over? The kids will have a blast waiting for everything to tumble down.

 Lego Tower


LEGO Snacks:

Mini LEGO Pizzas

You can make your own pizza or use the frozen kind for this one. The pizza should be cut into small rectangles and topped with small pepperoni circles to resemble a LEGO brick. You can cut the pepperoni with a Fondant circle cutter from a craft store or use a bottle cap from your kitchen.

LEGO Sandwiches

Similar to the pizzas, you can make cute LEGO brick sandwiches. I made peanut butter and honey on whole wheat bread. I then took a separate slice of bread to cut out the little holes for the top. They were attached with an extra dot of peanut butter. So yummy!

 Lego Sandwich


Primary Colored Fruit Skewers

To make a fun LEGO-themed fruit skewer, use primary colored fruit such as yellow bananas or yellow pineapple, red strawberries or red raspberries, blueberries, and green grapes or green kiwi. Pile them on top of each other, like LEGO bricks, on a wooden skewer.

Healthy LEGO Food Cups

I made my son and daughter help me create the adorable LEGO food cups to serve healthy treats. The LEGO boxes were the perfect size for small pieces of fruit, cheese, or nuts. They can be passed around on a tray and you have instant LEGO apps for your party.


 Lego boxes



LEGO Decorations:

LEGO Creations

Buy a box of generic LEGOs and build your child’s name and age out of bricks to place on your mantle or shelf. You can even create simple LEGO picture frames and place your child’s photos around the party room. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can build utensil holders or food stands. At the end of the party, put all these LEGO bricks back in the original box and present to your birthday child as a final gift.

LEGO Shoebox Towers

Collect shoe boxes to decorate as LEGO bricks. Cover each one in red, blue, or yellow wrapping paper. Use a circle punch to cut our circles on coordinating colored card stock and attach them to the tops with 3D foam squares. You can then place different size LEGO brick towers around the party room as decoration or even use the boxes as goody bags.

LEGO Builder Theme

You can go with a LEGO “builder” theme and pick up yellow plastic hard hats for each party guest. Then, take any toy plastic tools and hang them around the room. You can create fun “Master Builder” name tags for each child and, if you want to splurge, give them each a yellow worker’s apron to wear while they work on their LEGO creations.

LEGO-filled Glass Jars

I love my “Everything Glass Container” and it’s perfect as a centerpiece for a LEGO party. Fill it with colorful DUPLO blocks and it can also be turned into a last minute “Guess How Many LEGOs” ice breaker game.

 Lego Jar


For many more LEGO party ideas, and to get the free printables, directions, and recipes for the items I’ve mentioned above, head over to my special “LEGO Party Idea Board” on Pinterest!

Did you and your kids see The LEGO Movie yet? Do you plan to have a LEGO party? Share your ideas below!

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Pam Kaye
Pam Kaye is a work-at-home mom to Daniel (9) and Annabel (7). She moved to Jacksonville in 2007 when her husband, Mark Kaye, became the morning show host on radio station 95.1 WAPE. Having children inspired Pam to start her blog where she writes about her love for her family and everything “pop culture.” Before Mommyhood, Pam worked as a promotional consultant and publicist for the movie and radio industries in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Washington, DC. She's shared popcorn with Jeff Daniels, drank Starbucks with Matthew McConaughey, and received a personal “shout-out” from Taylor Swift during one of her concerts. Pam loves traveling, checking out new restaurants, cheering on the Jags, and meeting amazing children through her family charity, Kaye's Kids. (


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