Secret Weapons for the Modern Mom

I love it when I find a product that makes my job as a parent just a tad bit easier. My grandmother, however, would likely scoff at all the “new-fangled” products marketed to parents these days. But hey, even Supermom needs a few secret weapons! Here are a few items you might consider adding to your secret weapon arsenal:

Time Tracker Pro

Visual Timer

“How much longer mom?” Does this sound familiar? Timers that provide a visual are great for kids of all ages. With a quick glance, your kid can tell how much longer till dinner, how much more homework time there is or how much more play time is left. The possibilities are endless! Some brands use a green-yellow-red light system while others look more like an actual clock with shading that disappears as the time passes. There are even wrist-watch versions available! Check out these different options:

Yacker Tracker

Are your kids screaming you out of house and home? Is “use your inside voice” becoming your daily mantra? This one is for you. It’s basically a noise warning system that looks like a stoplight and changes from green to yellow to red as the room gets louder.  I admit the price tag is pretty steep ($80), but for some of you, that may seem like a small price to pay to restore your sanity. Basically the cost of a single massage, right?!

All you need to do is determine what consequences you will use. You could utilize time-out or some other negative consequence for getting “in the red,” but why not try a positive twist. Simply offer up a small reward for keeping it “in the green” for a certain period of time. Start with 5 minutes and work your way up from there!

Click here to see Yacker Tracker on

Time Out MatTime-out Mat

I often recommend that parents bring a “time-out mat” with them when out of the house. No, it’s not necessary, but kids always seem to push the limit more when away from home. What better way to send the message that you’re serious then a time-out mat! Yes, any mat or dish towel will do, but check out this much more “official” option by Bright Products. The bonus here is that it won’t look quite as strange as your child sitting on a dish towel in the middle of the playground 🙂

What’s your secret weapon?

Luanne is a Florida native and Gator girl who moved to Jacksonville for her first job and never left. She has a Masters degree in Behavior Analysis from the University of Florida and has provided parent training and behavioral services for children of all ages. Luanne’s “hands-on” parent training began in 2010 when she became a mother herself. She now has two daughters, ages 2 and 4. With a newfound respect for what parenting around the clock actually feels like, she now spends her time trying to practice what she’s been preaching about for so many years. When not busy being mom, she takes a “break” to help parents experiencing behavioral challenges. Her company Blueprints for Change , offers behavior management trainings and comprehensive behavioral services.


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