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Thank you to KinderCare for sponsoring this post and providing these great tips on being a new mom.

For every parent, whether you’re caring for your first baby or your seventh, there’s bound to come a moment when you wonder “Now what do I do?” Our friends at KinderCare have 50 years of experience caring for children, and their teachers know every baby is different. That’s why they’re answering some of the most commonly asked new baby questions.

Common New Baby Questions

What can I do if I have trouble nursing?

Nursing can be tough for everyone involved! It’s about following your instincts. If one method doesn’t work, try something else. If it doesn’t feel right for you, trust that feeling.

Remember, all parents — whether they’re breastfeeding or not — have options:
• Lactation consultants in your area can offer advice and guidance.
• Exclusively pumping may be the best solution for you.
• Formula might be the way to go for your family.

It’s all a matter of trying different methods to learn which one works for you and your baby.

How do I find time for other things if my baby doesn’t sleep?

When do you eat, or shower, or tackle that mountain of laundry? Every baby and every family is different. What works for you might mean “sleeping when the baby sleeps” as the saying goes, and taking a midmorning nap with your newborn. It might mean starting a load of laundry instead.

For the first few months, you’ll be riding the baby rhythm — they’re hungry when they’re hungry and cranky when they’re cranky. Don’t pressure yourself (or your baby) to adopt a routine by a certain time. You’ll eventually have a schedule, even if that seems like a distant goal. Right now your priority is bonding with your child.

Why is my baby crying so much?

Don’t take it personally. Your baby cries because that’s the easiest way to express their feelings. Your baby needs to know you’ll be there to comfort them as they adjust to all of the new sights, sounds, and sensations.

If you find yourself frustrated by all the crying, pause, take deep breaths, and try to get yourself to a calm place. Your baby will draw from you. If you’re calm, they’re that much more likely to be calm.

How do I find time for myself?

Taking some time for self-care is so important for new parents. Lean on friends or family members — even if all they can do is hold the baby while you sleep, shower, exercise, or do the dishes. This exposes your baby to other faces and helps them learn that you’ll always be back.

Need a half-day or a day to yourself? Find a childcare center where you can drop off your baby, even if it’s just for a little while at first. If the idea of dropping your new baby off at a childcare center makes you anxious, you can talk with the center director about joining your baby for a series of half days. Centers like KinderCare are more than happy to help you and your baby adjust to spending time apart. The best thing for your baby is you!

The most important thing? Trust yourself. You’ll learn quickly. Pregnancy, birth, and getting to know your new baby can be a roller coaster for even the most experienced parent. Listen to your body — what’s best for you is likely best for your baby.

Looking to meet other new moms in Jacksonville? Be sure to join our neighborhood groups, especially our New and Expectant Mom Group, to find like-minded moms in your area!

For 50 years, KinderCare teachers have been creating safe, encouraging environments where kids can learn, grow and build confidence for life. At KinderCare, hardworking families are family—regardless of needs, backgrounds, and experiences.

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