Easy DIY Valentines

Rightly so, my nickname has always been “The Planner.” I’m that mom you love to hate. You know, the one who has her holiday cards stamped and addressed before Thanksgiving. In fact, they’re done so early that I find myself waiting a few weeks to drop them in the mail; because even I realize it’s obnoxious to send them out before December! So, yes, when most of us can’t remember that it’s 2014 yet, I’m already thinking about Cupid’s big day and researching which Valentines I will make! I know it’s a bit ridiculous!

I LOVE making things and consider myself somewhat crafty (can follow directions). Creative, I am not. But now, thanks to Pinterest, I can fake that! Admittedly, I’ve already completed my children’s Valentines…I can’t help it! I never buy them, because it’s too much fun making them.

I recommend getting your kids involved…most of the time they want to help anyway. My boys love to sort and organize (I wonder where they get that from?), so I let them count items and fill bags for me. I have my four-year-old help my two-year-old, or give them each a separate job. When they’re finished, they have a sense of pride and accomplishment, and are often more excited about handing them out to their friends. If you start early enough (before the night before), it’s not too overwhelming.

How did ours turn out?

I chose to make Glowstick Valentines and Superhero Valentines with my children this year. I decided based upon what my children like and which supplies I had available. The only downside was these particular two were so easy that there wasn’t much for the kids do. We love how they both turned out though!

Glowstick Valentine

I couldn’t believe how simple this was to make! I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something quick – took me less than 10 minutes to complete.

Glowstick Valentine
Only required a glowstick, sheet of card stock, scissors, and a standard hole punch.

Glowstick Valentines

Superhero Valentine

The Superhero one was also very simple, just involved a few more steps. It required multiple colors of card stock, lollipops, tape, scissors, standard hole punch, and 2″ round hole punch. I used card stock versus felt because I already had it, which omitted the use of a hot glue gun. I would also recommend this one. It’s a little craftier, but still not too intimidating.

Cape Template
Cape Template
Superhero Valentine
Front view

Superhero Valentines


Time For You to DIY

Now I’m hoping you don’t REALLY hate me, because I’d love to make your life a little easier. I’ve already done the time consuming work and compiled a list of my favorite, CHEAP and EASY, do it yourself (DIY) Valentines. There are options for boys and girls of any age. Each link includes step by step instructions and a FREE printable. If you’ve ever considered making your own Valentines, this is your year! I encourage you to get crafty, you don’t need to be creative.

1. Glowstick Valentines – Perfect for preschool or school-age children. Print in either pink or blue.  Super cheap and kids love them!

Glowstick Valentine

2. Superhero Valentines – My four-year-old son is into all things superheroes these days, so we chose these. I found the idea and printable at littlebitfunky.com, and the cape template here.

Superhero Valentine

3. Tic Tac Toe Valentines – A good option for school-age children who are into games…and candy.

tic-tac-toe Valentine

4. Play-Doh Valentines – Great for boys or girls…everyone loves play-doh. Find 24-packs at Amazon for $12.70 or 10-packs at Target for $4.99. That breaks down to only about $.50 per Valentine!

Play doh valentine5. Lego Valentines – Perfect choice for a lego-obsessed older child! E-bay is probably the best bet for finding an assortment of red bricks.

Lego Valentine

6. Minecraft Valentines – Is your little one addicted to Minecraft? This one from julianandco.blogspot.com is sure to be a hit with school-age kids!

Minecraft Valentine

7. Great Catch Valentines – Goldfish would make a great preschool snack. Let your kids help!

Great Catch Valentine

8. Bubbles Valentines – Blowing kisses from motherhuddle.com! Use red for boys. Find them at Michaels and use a 40% off coupon.

Bubbles Valentine

9. Healthy Valentines – Alphamom.com has the health conscious in mind. A nice alternative to candy.

Healthy Valentine

10. Trail Mix Valentines – Make your own trail mix with this recipe from aspicyperspective.com. Be sure to keep them nut free!

Trail Mix Valentine

11. Rainbow Loom Valentines – Is your kid rainbow loom crazy? This is a great idea for elementary students.

Rainbow Loom Valentines

12. Easy Last-Minute Valentines – If you just don’t think you can pull it off this year, then this one’s for you! It doesn’t get ANY easier than this!

Easy Valentines

For more great Valentines ideas, be sure to check out Bridget’s post from last year.

Have you thought about Valentine’s Day yet? What are you making this year?

Stay tuned for my future post about Easy DIY Valentines for Teachers.


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    • Glad you enjoyed the post, Jackie! Keep an eye out for my post coming out tomorrow with more Valentines ideas 🙂


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