Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween Crafts For Kids Jax Moms BlogHalloween is right around the corner and that means it’s time for a few Halloween themed crafts for the kids. Here are a few of my favorite EASY crafts that can be made mostly with stuff from around the house.

Paper Shape Pumpkin Jax Mom BlogPaper Shape Pumpkin

Supplies: Construction Paper, Glue, Scissors
Directions: Draw out shapes for your child to cut out. We used a circle for the pumpkin, rectangle stem, triangle eyes and nose, and an oval mouth. Cut out the shapes and use a glue stick to put your pumpkin together. This is a great activity for preschoolers who are learning their shapes and can use some cutting practice.

Egg Carton Bat Jax Moms BlogEgg Carton Bat

Supplies: Egg Carton, Black Paper, Paint, Google Eyes, Exacto-Knife
Directions: Cut out an individual egg carton and paint it. I had planned to use black paint, but we ran out so we used a purple/blue mix. Cut some wings out of black construction paper. When your egg carton is dry, carefully cut two small slits on the sides and slide in your wings. Add your google eyes. This is a great craft for a class or group of kids because you can make 12 of them with just 1 egg carton. I do recommend getting the cardboard egg cartons instead of styrofoam because the paint will stick better.

Paper Plate SpiderWebSpider Web Paper Plate

Supplies: Paper Plate, Hole Punch, Yarn or Ribbon, Plastic Spiders
Directions: Use your hole punch to punch holes around the outside of your paper plate. Cut a long piece of ribbon/yarn/string and thread it back and forth through the holes. Secure the end and decorate with some plastic spiders. My 8 year old actually did the project and loved it. This is another project that is great to do with a large group of kids because there’s no paint involved.

Toilet Paper Roll Kid MummyToilet Paper Roll Kid Mummies

Supplies: Toilet Paper Roll, Picture, Glue, Tissue Paper or Gauze
Directions: This is one of my favorite crafts because they turn out so cute. Cut out a face from a picture and glue it to the toilet paper roll. Using glue, stick the pieces of tissue paper or gauze all around until the rest of the toilet paper roll is dry. This project actually looks much cuter if you use first aid gauze instead of tissue paper but I didn’t realize until after we started that I didn’t have enough gauze to do 2 mummies. Not only can the kids make mummies of themselves, but you could make a whole family of mummies.

Shannon Beckham
Shannon is a former Special Education Teacher turned SAHM to two great kids, Cole and Kiley. Originally from Miami, Shannon met her husband while they were both attending the University of Florida (Go Gators). They decided to put down roots in Jacksonville Beach, and are very much enjoying the laid back salt life.


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