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Getting kids to eat healthy food can be a struggle. My youngest turns his nose up at almost any variety of vegetable. He’ll eat an occasional piece of fruit, but that’s where he puts his foot down. Many of my friends have been talking about the health benefits of juicing lately. They had me intrigued, so I went on a journey to learn about juicing.

What I discovered along the way is that juicing is a great addition to our healthy lifestyle. It’s an easy way to get my kids to consume the proper vitamins and nutrients they need. Plus, it’s fun trying new recipes and watching my kids drink their veggies!

Store Bought Juice vs. Fresh Juice

Most store bought juice contains preservatives, added sugar, and other unwanted ingredients. Juicing at home puts you in complete control. When you create the juice, you know exactly what’s in your glass.

Homemade juice is highly concentrated and easily digested by the body. That’s why it’s great for kids. They can drink a small amount and get a whopping dose of vitamins and nutrients.

Why Juice?

JuicingProcessing food with a juicer allows the good stuff like vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes to be released from the fiber or “pulp.” Our bodies easily absorb the nutrients from fresh juice. When we eat whole fruit and veggies, some of the vital nutrients are trapped in the fiber and can’t be absorbed by our bodies.

Another thing to consider is that when we eat vegetables, they’re usually cooked. Heating food breaks down the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes. Raw juice is power packed with highly digestible health benefits.

My Experience with Juicing

I’ve created a slew of juice recipes since investing in a juicer. Some of them were delicious. Some not so much! The real kicker was creating yummy juices that my kids will actually drink.

Since juicing is done with raw food, it’s best to buy organic. I enjoy going to local Farmers markets for fresh fruit and veggies. The Jacksonville Farmers Market has been around for ages and has a terrific selection of locally grown, fresh produce. The Riverside Arts Market, Beaches Green Market, and Kings Street Farmers Market are also great places to visit for organic, locally grown fruit and veggies.

Kid-Friendly Juice Recipe

My kids prefer juice made with apples and/or watermelon. Both have a sweet, kid-friendly flavor, so I try to use them as a base for kid juice. Below is one of my “most-loved” recipes. It incorporates both fruit and veggies for a delicious, balanced juice. My kids were excited to drink it and said, “it tastes great.”

Juicing Ingredients:
• 1 large whole green apple
• ¾ Cup Watermelon (skin removed, cut into large chunks)
• 4-5 Large Strawberries (green tops intact)
• ¼ Lemon (Thick peel removed, white pith intact)
• 2 Medium sized carrots (leafy greens removed)
• 3 Celery Stalks (small-medium sized)
• ½ Cup of Spinach (shhhh…. Don’t tell them!)

• Process food in juicer starting with the softest fruit
• Place spinach between soft fruit when processing (like watermelon and strawberries, this is only necessary if using a centrifugal juicer)
• Process firmer items last (such as whole apple and carrots)
Tips: I like to include lemon in most juice recipes. Meyer lemons work great. Lemon gives the juice a bright flavor and prevents it from browning.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about juicing is that you can create unique, inspired drinks for you and your family. So now it’s up to you. Is juicing worth your time and effort? It’s been a great thing for my family, and I wouldn’t want to live without it!


Nicole SanfordNicole Sanford

I’m a wife and mother of two beautiful boys. I started Organic Sunshine: A Green Mom’s Blog because I’m passionate about gardening and healthy, natural living. I enjoy focusing on ways to live more naturally and sharing my successes on Organic Sunshine. By using whole foods and organic products, my family has grown healthier and happier!


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