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1527 Gandy Street Jacksonville, Florida 32208

Mission Statement:
America’s Little Leaders strives to provide students the motivation, the inspiration, and the will to strive for success while providing them with the skills they need to tackle anything and everything society throws at them in today’s world.

Vision Statement:

America’s Little Leaders has a vision of providing students and children equal opportunity for success, through an education that is well-rounded and designed to help children excel academically, as well as learn the vital skills they need to fit into the world and thrive. We believe that every single child should be given equal opportunities so they can flourish spiritually, mentally, physically, and academically.

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4750 Soutel Dr Jacksonville Fl 32208

We believe that technology is advancing so rapidly that many people and businesses are left behind because they lack the knowledge and the resources to participate.

The answer, the solution… for us to not only survive but to thrive is found in a Collaborative and Responsible Tribe where people care for and support one another.

This is our platform where we collaborate. Combine our efforts and energy so that we can help others get what they want. We get what we want. And make the world a better place in the process.

We keep more resources in the community to better our schools, homes, businesses, people, and families.

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