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Hope Haven Children’s Clinic and Family Center, a non-profit organization, serves children, young adults, and families with a variety of educational, developmental and mental health needs.

Hope Haven provides care to a wide range of clients, including those with:

Learning challenges and disabilities, such as dyslexia and attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder;
Developmental needs, such as those related to autism, Down syndrome, and other challenges;
Mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety or repercussions of divorce. At Hope Haven, we believe every child can learn… and we can prove it!


In this comprehensive series, you and your partner/coach will increase your confidence in the birthing process as you gain a better understanding of what to expect. The series includes information on stages and phases of labor, pain management, cesarean birth, postpartum care and normal newborn characteristics.

Expectant parents are encouraged to complete classes between the 32nd-37th weeks so register early, as space is limited.

Please note: Some breathing and relaxation is included in this class but you will not practice on the floor. For couples desiring more practice on breathing and relaxation techniques, we offer a supplemental one night class called Comfort Measures.


Registration and pre-payment are required to reserve your spot. Cost of this class includes 2 participants.


Safe Sitter® Class Description

Safe Sitter® prepares students in grades 6-8 to be safe when they’re home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting.

Students learn life-saving skills such as how to rescue someone who’s choking, and helpful information like what to do if there’s severe weather. The lessons are filled with fun activities and role-playing exercises. Students even get to use CPR manikins to practice CPR and choking rescue!

Safe Sitter® Course Content:

  • Safety Skills
  • Child Care Skills
  • First Aid & Rescue Skills
  • Life & Business Skills


Registration and pre-payment is required to reserve your spot. Cost of this class is per student.

5310 Lenox Avenue, Jacksonville, FL, United States

Your Classroom is unique and different from anything currently being offered; a true educator’s resource center for all educators. A place that offers everything an educator needs to assist them with being a great educator. Your Classroom is that place for classroom furniture that will create an environment conducive for learning, to online access for researching ideas, art supplies needed for visuals that will enhance lessons, customize professional development trainings, networking opportunities with peer educators, teacher classroom consignment, healthy and nutritional snacks, and more. Educators will enjoy relaxing, working, and learning in an atmosphere that gives to them just as much as they give to others.

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4070 Herschel Street, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Grow Family Yoga teaches kids and their families to cut through the chaos of daily life and embrace the calm. Through its progressive approach to yoga and fitness classes curated for children and their families, Grow Family Yoga allows you to embrace inclusivity, evidence-based education, and laughter so that you can reclaim your health, learn to relax, and reconnect to your breath, body, and family. Find yourself and find balance in your busy life at our welcoming studio in Jacksonville, Florida.

We offer in-studio and virtual classes specifically tailored to overtired parents and caregivers, kids, and families. Our classes are focused on accessibility and supporting you as you meet your fitness goals, whether they are to sweat more, correct old injuries, or stretch out all those kinks. You can find prenatal yoga and postpartum recovery classes, gentle flows, and power-infused yoga classes, and fun family and kids classes that get your heart going and muscles working! We also love teaching small groups and one-on-one training sessions that blend the power of yoga with strength conditioning.

Our community is diverse and super friendly which comes out in all of our amazing events, trainings, and clubs-it isn’t uncommon to find yourself chatting and exchanging social media handles after class with other moms!

Dip your toes into our community by joining our private VIP group today. (link is

Special JM offer: Try us out for 20 days for $20 *includes the whole family!


Your little bundle of joy is coming and there is never enough time! So, we combined three of our parenting classes, Breastfeeding 101, Baby Care Basics and Happiest Baby on the Block into one. By the end of the day you will have the basic foundation needed to take care of your newborn.

Topics include: feeding cues, proper latch and position, basics of infant care, when to call the doctor, steps to calming a baby.

Various Locations

Registration and pre-payment is required to reserve your spot. Cost of the class includes 2 Participants.


THE PLAYERS Center for Child Health (affiliated with Wolfson Children’s Hospital) is pleased to offer this free Safe Kids Buckle Up Workshop for parents and grandparents. Attendees will learn how to keep your precious cargo safe while riding in motor vehicles.

The class will teach you the proper way to install your car seat in your car. Upon completion of the class, certified technicians from Safe Kids will be on hand to help you install your seat correctly in your vehicle.

If you do not have a car seat and would like to purchase one, we offer reduced cost, convertible car seats.

We accept cash only. The purchase is limited to one seat per child.

If you already have a car seat and would like to schedule an appointment to have it checked by a certified technician, please contact the event organizer at 904.202.4302 or email us at [email protected].

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I am Joanna Jordan, doula, placenta encapsulator, and childbirth educator, serving northeast Florida and southeast Georgia. As your doula, I will empower you with education and evidence-based information so you can feel safe, confident, and supported in your choices. In addition to that, I will provide continuous support during labor and birth, using proven techniques to provide comfort and relief. I support all birth choices. This is your birth, your experience, your choice. Call to set up a free, no-obligation consultation! 


9521 Shellie Road, Jacksonville, FL, USA, suite 13

I am a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern with the state of Florida under supervision in the Jacksonville area. I cover a broad spectrum, from individuals to families, and children to adults. I believe in a compassionate approach, with the hope that you would “come as you are”. It is my belief that personal attachments and connections are the roots of much of our behaviors. I have experience with all ages and backgrounds. I work with ages 4-17, 18-…. I offer parenting tips, classes to come, and also family one on one.

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Saint Simons Island

I am a Moms on Call trained consultant and a mother of three under five. I love helping parents find their confidence. The guidelines I offer are both rooted in my own real-life experience and work as a nurse practitioner for over 10 years. I am committed to providing the safest and most effective advice.

I offer in-home, phone, and email consultations with you, your baby, and anyone of your choosing. Any of these options you can ask me anything regarding feedings, sleeping, schedules, basic infant care at any time. I will literally “walk with you” to get you and baby on a routine that suits your individual needs and goals. I would suggest you visit the moms on call website to familiarize yourself more regarding what I can do for you and your family. I am happy to provide references and client testimonials if you’d like.

Please be aware that these consultations are not intended to take place of your pediatrician’s visits or recommendations. Let me know if you’d like to proceed and if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you!


RN with 30 years pediatric and neonatal experience able to care for your family. I also am a lactation consultant and teach newborn care classes. I am also a doula as well!
Please call me as I’d love to help!

1010 N McDuff Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32254

SMART Couples is conducting FUN and FREE remote relationship-strengthening classes that help couples, parents, and stepfamilies learn simple and effective skills to build happy, successful, and life-long relationships. In our remote classes, couples and singles throughout Duval county can learn constructive conflict skills, stress management techniques, and even better money management all from the comfort of their homes.


Elevate: Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level is for dating, married, engaged, and cohabiting couples. The instructor will share nine important communication skills in every relationship and ways to increase positive communication, deal with differences, manage stress, set financial goals, and maintain a happy and healthy friendship bond. Couples will participate in fun relationship-strengthening activities with their partner during the workshop.

Before You Tie the Knot

Before You Tie the Knot is for couples and singles interested in marriage at some point in their lives. The instructor will share effective and proven skills to a happy, healthy relationship, such as commitment, positive communication, and positive bonds, as well as effective and proven skills for handling conflicts. She will also discuss the eight needs of every partner, parent and child, the rewards of positive parenting (including step parenting), the importance of money management, and the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle. Couples who attend all classes are eligible for a discount on their marriage license.

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Want to keep your little one as safe as possible? Join us virtually to learn what products and equipment to use, and how unintentional unsafe practices increase the risk of injuries.

This class will cover the most common injuries to babies in the first year along with preventive childproofing measures. A first aid lecture and a demonstration of infant choking and CPR procedures are also included.

You’ll be happy you took this class and feel more prepared as new parents.

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Join other mothers as we share our experience as new mothers from the comfort of our homes. We’ll talk about it all:

  • Babies
  • Ourselves – physician and emotional
  • What is working and not working
  • How things are going

We are all in this together, so let’s inspire each other!

Class Format

1 hour, free support group.

Class Instructor

A Baptist Health Educator teaches this class.

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1157 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach, Florida

All Together Wellness exists to meet the personalized healthcare needs of our clients so they can thrive, feel confident in their roles, and whole in their bodies. We offer therapy, wellness, and functional health services such as:

  • Functional coaching
  • Developmental screening and therapy services
  • Play groups
  • Parent coaching group

Check our website for current offerings and to contact us for a personalized assessment of how we can help you thrive!

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Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, USA
Atlantic Beach, FL

The Jacksonville Baby Company is the first of its kind in the Northeast Florida area. They specialize in one-on-one in-home support during the day, overnight, and even travel support for moms and dads as they navigate the newborn stage and beyond. Learn how to confidently care for your newborn, get sustainable sleep, and create a lasting family bond with classes and support that fit your lifestyle, schedule, and parenting choices. Helping parents reclaim their sleep and enjoy their babies more, since 2013!

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Raising children is hard. We make it easier. Using a trauma informed, compassionate care model, we assess your child and create a customized plan for your child and family based around real life. We provide Caregiver Consultation and Coaching, Group Parenting Classes, and Early Educator Behavior Information Classes for your family to be able to Thrive.

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