24/7 Pediatric Care Center - Jacksonville Beach

2.80 (5 reviews)
274 3rd Avenue South, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250, United States

24/7 Pediatric Care Center provides 24-hour services for non-life-threatening illnesses, from doctors you know and trust. This elevated level of service ranges from standard pediatric care during the day to IV therapy through the night. These services benefit everyone – Dr. Benitez and his colleagues provide exceptional care, parents and patients are spared visits to the emergency room at 2 a.m., kids are comfortable in the office they know, and insurance companies and families don’t have to pay expensive hospital bills!

Extended hours of 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Monday – Friday • 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday 

Three locations: Jacksonville Beach, Jacksonville (Baymeadows), and Orange Park.

Pediatric Care

I am surprised at all the low ratings. I have raised 8 children and when I say this practice is the best , I mean it! Very caring, responsive to calls and they work hard to go find out what is going on with your child.
They will work you in on weekends and evenings and will accommodate your schedule. I love the providers, staff and easy access to the beaches and Baymeadows location. Where else can you also go to any facility so they can treat your child?

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Go elsewhere, please!

I don’t usually write reviews but I feel compelled to warn other moms. This office has been unsafe, fails to take proper responsibility for their dangerous mistakes, lacks compassion, and the list goes on. I don’t know why I never checked reviews before letting my kids go there. I see now that our experience is not unique. There are so many wonderful pediatricians with excellent reviews and patient care. We love our new pediatrician. Don’t settle for less!

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False advertising

The main reason I switched to this practice is because of the 24/7 care. I have called on 2 different occasions when my daughter has a fever and possible ear infection. Both times I called, I was told to call back during normal business hours. I asked about the 24/7 and was told a nurse was on duty but she can diagnose ear infections nor prescribe medications. I asked why did they say they were 24/7 and they said they had a Dr. on call but they wouldn’t call them. Very disappointed.

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Dr. Pitottchi is wonderful but support staff is harsh.

We’ve been waiting over a month for a referral and Dr. Pitottochi is out of town. My daughter is now out of medicine she has been on for two years. After several phone calls where they were reuse, interruptive and at one point laughing I decided to go to their Facebook page where their reviews had been removed. When I posted my post under the visitor post it was deleted and I was then blocked. Please let the deter you from this facility. A doctors office without reviews can’t be good for your family. Don’t let them give you an insurance excuse for my situation. We have tri-care and nemours wasn’t accepting new patients- it was their duty to recommend another doctor but they didn’t. My daughter is now sufffering without meds she has been on for two years because of the staff in this office. Even after requesting to speak with Dr. Benetiz, the head of the practice I was denied that ability as well.

I’m very sad that Dr. Pitottchi is out of town and we will be leaving the practice as we love her personally but unfortunately, I don’t think the staff cares about my child’s wellbeing.

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Love Dr. Dalvi

We love this practice. I’m always able to get in when I need and with a screaming baby with reoccurring ear infections that’s a big deal.

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Pretentious Pediatrician

Most moms have common complaints about their pediatricians: long wait times, no sick room, inconvenient hours, etc. My child’s pediatrician had all of these things; minus a competent, compassionate doctor. In the grand scheme of things, those perks are all great, but what every mom wants is a doctor she can trust and feels comfortable with. If this is what you’re looking for, then stay far away from this office.

My son has been a patient here since he was a newborn. We started out seeing Dr. Webster, who is an intelligent, empathetic mother herself. She is the reason my husband I chose this practice. Unfortunately, she didn’t stay long–and now I’m beginning to see why…

We have always seen a nurse practitioner here, except for 3 times (the times we saw Dr. Benitez). The NP’s have always been patient, thorough, and caring. This is the only reason I’ve been here this long. The three times I’ve seen Dr. Benitez he has been loud, abrupt, and inconsiderate of my concerns. The first two times I was able to brush it under the rug somehow, but tonight was unacceptable and inexcusable.

My son was referred to Wolfson’s Outpatient Speech/Occupational Therapy program by Pediatric Care Center, because of his resistance to new foods and textures. He gags when eating, and has little to no appetite. I wholeheartedly agreed with this recommendation, and began taking him to therapy twice a week. After a month into therapy, our OT believed he may have acid reflux. She wanted to try him on medicine for a month to see if it helped, or improved his eating. We agreed to do this upon our doctor’s consent. Dr. Benitez agreed to do this via phone call with the therapist and wrote the prescription. My son was on the medication for one month and we saw vast improvements …

About a week ago, the medicine ran out and we noticed him slowly reverting back to his old ways. My husband and I were reluctant to put him back on the reflux meds without consulting with the doctor, and getting his professional opinion. This is what I went to see him for tonight…

Upon my arrival, he entered the room and asked me why we were there. I explained that my therapist suspected reflux and we started the meds, and they seemed to be helping. I told him we came to discuss what he thought we should do–continue, or stop them? His reply: ” I would NEVER put a child on reflux medicine without doing proper testing first.” Then he says, “Who is your therapist and why are you seeing them?” I reply, politely: “Your office referred me to this therapist, and you, sir prescribed my child the medication.” He says he doesn’t like my attitude and that he needs to check the charts. He then comes back and says, “I only prescribed the meds because you and your husband wanted to try them.”
RED FLAG–doctors should prescribe medicine based on their experience, not the patients opinion (by the way, we were reluctant to have our son on this medicine to begin with).

He then tells me that he remembers my husband and I coming in for an appointment and requesting the medicine (which never happened). I tell him that is false, and he says, “or was it your child’s dad then, not your husband?”

So, now he has insinuated I’m promiscuous. Awesome! I respond that my child’s dad is my husband. He ends the conversation with this, ” I don’t appreciate your attitude and you need to find a new doctor. Please leave my office.”
I reply, ” your lack of knowledge about the referrals in your office, and your patients general history is disappointing and even frightening.” I also told him his lack of professionalism was disgusting and that I would never return.

He spent all of 10 minutes with me in which he managed to insult me, scare my child, embarrass the nurse, contradict himself, and make himself look foolish. However, what he didn’t do was ask questions, show concern, or read my child’s chart. Any doctor that writes prescriptions and denies doing so has no business working in the medical field.

I wrote this to help other moms, not bash this man. But I do believe this man needs to find a new calling in life.

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