Acclaim Academy Charter School Duval Center

4441 Wesconnett Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32210, United States

Vision: Acclaim Academy seeks to educate, train, and inspire students to become exemplary and well-rounded citizens, prepared for college and career success.

Mission: Acclaim Academy is a military school providing students a high quality education through rigorous academic standards and transformative leadership experiences.

Acclaim Academy’s leadership and personal improvement concept focuses on goal setting and planning. Students are treated like adults with opportunities for advancement, and their rank is awarded according to performance.

Students are issued JROTC uniforms to be worn each day. They begin their morning with drill and formation and proceed to state of the art classrooms for the remainder of the academic day, where a combination of traditional academic resources and laptops are used. Public speaking and presentation skills are developed through all classes.

We teach our cadets that goals are dreams with deadlines. When cadets measure progress, they stay on track, reach target dates, and experience the exhilaration of achievement. When they identify goals that are most important to them, cadets begin to figure out ways to make them come true. Through our JROTC curriculum, cadets develop attitudes, abilities, communication and team work skills to lead and achieve throughout their lives.

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