EurAupair- Affordable in-home Childcare


Hello Families!
I am a Mother, a five, who has experience hosting Aupairs as an affordable option to our child care needs. After learning firsthand what a lifesaver this could be, I decided to become a community counselor for EurAupair. My role is to act as a liaison between the agency and the families, then between the Aupair and family, to help make the most beneficial experience for all involved.
Hosting and Aupair can be an extremely affordable, reliable, consistent, and flexible option, when comparing childcare possibilities. The approval and matching processes are handled quickly and professionally, And the family and Aupair are supported locally throughout the program year- or even 2!
Additional benefits include bringing another part of the world into your home, as well as learning opportunities for your children in the areas of language and culture.
**Military and multiples discounts available.

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