Float the Idea

2214 University Blvd. W

Floating is an awesome escape, an inward adventure that takes you to you, an excuse to free your senses and let your body take a break.

Getting rid of all sensory input allows the ‘constantly-make-sure-you’re-not-dying’ part of your brain to chill out for a second. This lets the creative, relaxed part of your brain come out and play. Without the constant pressure of analyzing the world around you, your body lowers its levels of cortisol, the main chemical component of stress. When your levels of cortisol drop, your body begins releasing loads of endorphins, giving you a wonderful sense of well-being and happiness.

Not having to fight gravity lets your muscles, joints, and bones take a well-deserved break. Your body suddenly has loads of extra resources (usually spent supporting your weight, regulating temperature, and trying not to get speeding tickets), which it gets to focus on things like healing and resting.

Without old-man gravity pushing you down all the time, chronic and acute pain is relieved, and your muscles get to fully rest. Unlike lying on a mattress, lying in water allows blood to flow freely all throughout your body. There’s no need to readjust your position to get comfortable. Research shows that about 40 minutes into your float your brain stops producing its normal Alpha and Beta waves and starts going deeper into a Theta and even Delta state. Heck, even the magnesium-based Epsom salts we use in the tank feel wonderful on your skin.

Here at Float the Idea we chose to offer our guests the best tank imaginable. To that end, we selected the Explorer from Escape Pod. This is a solid tank for a solid Float session.

Our tanks are built, like… well, TANKS. The walls of our Escape Pods are made from 304 Stainless Steel. Not only does this help filter out sounds and light, but I like to think of our tanks as “suits of armor” that protect our sanity from the trials and toils of the daily grind.

Come take a voyage in one of our Escape Pods and see where it takes you.

We also offer sessions in our state-of-the-art Sunlighten mPulse series Infrared Sauna. This sauna is the only one on the market that offers full spectrum infrared(FSIR); meaning you get all the benefits of the sun, sans the skin ravaging UV radiation that makes your skin look like an old leather couch. We also offer both Chromotherapy (color therapy) and Acoustic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.) for your sauna session at no extra charge. This allows for the most relaxing, beneficial and therapeutic sauna treatment in Florida.

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