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6817 Southpoint Parkway, Suite 2204 Jacksonville, FL 32216

Full Circle Women’s Care is an independent Ob/Gyn practice with an emphasis on a holistic approach to total health.

Best delivery ever!

After having one vaginal delivery (my first, not here in Jacksonville, but nothing special), then an awful delivery with my second (I’ll detail below), I was so thankful to find the midwives and Dr. Adams at Full Circle Women’s Care.

My second delivery was just a nightmare. We moved to Jacksonville for my husband’s job and got pregnant soon after that. The office I found was very typical of every other office in town and that I’d dealt with before. I only really liked one of the six people I met during my pregnancy and that person wasn’t there for my delivery. No big deal… Everyone is competent and caring, right? Wrong! And I should have trusted my gut when at 18 weeks, I was told I should think of a C-section because I have a “small pelvis”. My oldest daughter was born at 8 pounds, 2 ounces so I thought I’d be okay. Back to the delivery. I was at 7 cm for three hours. The doctor said that was too long and I was endangering my baby and recommended a C-section. This was completely against my birth plan as we’d discussed in the very beginning (which they said wasn’t a problem). I attempted to argue against this but the doctor convinced me (forced) me to have a procedure. I probably wouldn’t be so upset about this IF it didn’t up with me hemorrhaging, having a scar (vain, I know) that is much worse than most I’ve seen, and my middle daughter was 7 pounds, 3 ounces!

Fast forward to why I LOVE Full Circle Women’s Care. My first visit with Dr. Adams (which took longer to schedule than I would have liked but after researching them on Facebook, I knew it would be worth it). Boy, was I right. She spent 40 minutes with me in my first appointment. It was very detailed. She is one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. My husband, who is very judgmental and untrusting (LOL), felt she may have been one of the smartest, too. And most importantly, she was open to a VBAC. Unlike the other office in town, I could tell she was sincere Every provider in her office (Carol — my rockstar, Jordan and Lauren) made me feel special and they seemed to care about the wishes of my birth plan, too. I called in about being in labor at 2 am. Much to my surprise, I got a call back shortly from Jordan, and despite the time, she didn’t rush me through the call. She felt it was best to labor at home at that point, so I did. We arrived at the hospital at 11 am where I would soon see Carol. She has the most amazing personality. She made the rest of my labor process calm and relaxing. I left my music at home but Carol used Pandora on her phone and allowed that to play in the background. Needless to say, I could already tell that this would be different. I never felt uneasy about anything they said or recommended, even as my labor lasted longer than I expected. My third daughter was born after 4 am (26 hours of labor), weighing 8 pounds, 2 ounces (identical to my first). I can’t scream their praises enough. Best. Practice. Ever. When we go for a fourth (because my husband and I really want a son), there is no doubt I will call Full Circle Women’s Care. I love this practice.

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Best decision

Transferred in at 34 weeks because my doula told me to. I was afraid my other doctors wouldn’t listen to my birth plan. It was scary to leave, but glad I did. For my first baby, I was glad I had them. They helped me labor and I was able to push my baby out just like I wanted to.

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Best place ever!

I think the person above either went to another office, or was mad because they were late and couldn’t be seen. Everybody here was amazing to me, my family, and our sweet baby! They always saw us on time at the office, and were super attentive to our needs. Highly recommend this place to anyone needing care. Just check their Facebook page–everybody LOVES them!!!

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Not recommended

1st: The doctor doesn’t do anything. They rely on unlicensed fake doctors to practice medicine.

2nd: Service is horrible

3rd: The doctor will abandon you while in Labor and leave you to fend for yourself with just the nurses. Wont even spend five minutes with you and is so rude

4th: They will not see you if you are five minutes late even if you are about to give birth.

5th: No communication and if you don’t follow their recommended birth plan they get super angry, judgmental and irritated with you.

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