Hammond Park

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2142 Melson Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32254, United States

Hammond Park is located in west Jacksonville at the intersection of 12th Street and Melson Avenue. In 1923, the property comprised part of a site used for airplane takeoffs and landings, and was named Paxon Field for the tract’s owner, E. H. Paxon. After opening in 1955 as Paxon Park, the name was changed to honor Duval County Commissioner Joseph F. Hammond (1885-1967), who, except for two years, served continuously from 1921-1961. Also he served as president of the National Association of County Officials. Three area schools and the Hammond Senior Center (formerly the Youth Center) reside near the park. In 1994 a major renovation of the ball fields occurred, and an improvement project in 2004 added a new building with a two-story scorebox, restrooms, and a handicap-accessible concession stand.

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