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707 Seabrook Cove Road, Jacksonville, FL 32211, USA

Luxe is Jacksonville’s first and only luxury maternity concierge services provider.

Hi, I’m Melynda Smith, your personal, dedicated Maternity Consultant and Concierge.

My passion and expertise lie in supporting, educating and guiding new and expecting parents so they can navigate the childbearing year with wisdom, ease and calm confidence. From conception through baby’s first year, I’m here to provide you and your partner with the highest quality information, resources, referrals and an unparalleled degree of continuous care.

For many parents, their primary source of support is their partner. However, when you’re expecting or have recently had a baby, two support networks are necessary; one focused on medical care and one focused on personal/emotional needs. In addition to helping you find and create these support networks, I also work as an integral part of them by acting as your on call Prenatal/Perinatal Educator, Maternity Advisor and Lifestyle Manager.

Whatever your needs, I’m here to serve your family so you can become the parents you want to be and give your baby the very best start in life. You can become a member today for unlimited access to me and a full suite of holistic maternity services or explore a la carte options, such as HypnoBirthing classes. I’m dedicated to your family’s total wellness and it’s my joy and honor to accompany you on this journey!

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