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“What I do for a living isn’t supposed to be about me, right? It’s supposed to be about you, the customer. I want to know about YOU, and what your dreams and goals are. But to give you a piece about choosing me as your Realtor, I would be HAPPY to give you a little information!”

Proud wife and mom of 2 imaginative boys, Kira is always in, what she calls “life” training. Thinking outside the box is a requirement in her day-to-day life. Having a good balance of encouragement, problem-solving skills, and aggressiveness when it comes to negotiating the best price for her sellers or helping her buyers buy the home of their dream, is something you can’t learn in real estate school. It comes with firsthand experience, a lot of laughter, tears and being emotionally connected with customers. To Kira, her real estate business is not about making money (yes, she still must feed my kids by law), but the true key to happiness, and the ultimate customer service satisfaction, in her opinion is developing trust and a relationship that becomes more than a business transaction. It becomes a lifelong friendship.

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