Allie Gerstner

Allie has been with the Jacksonville Mom team since 2017 and is the author of Obviously: A Candid, Unapologetic Journey of Divorce, Dating, and Raising Tiny Humans. After a few life changes, she moved with her two daughters and dog down to Florida to start over again. Always up for a margarita and tacos, and some sarcastic humor, Allie likes to find the funny in her everyday life, share her thoughts on everyday topics, and give you some great recommendations on what and where to eat.

Are Mom Tribes the New Cliques?

For a long period of time, I felt like I was missing out on a key piece of Millennial Motherhood. (Side note: I am at the elder end of the millennial thing and still...

Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes for the Wonder Mom

I am a food-loving, cooking-calms-me, enjoy-a-great-new-restaurant kinda gal. Cooking calms my soul, and I know not everyone feels this way. Heck, I even have days where I’m just a woman staring at a fridge,...
Divorced (But Not Damaged)

Divorced (But Not Damaged)

When a divorce happens, it can feel like you’ve hit your rock bottom — as if you are this lost soul just roaming about, getting the bare minimum in life done each day. You...
You're NOT a Single Mom Unless You're Actually Single

You’re NOT a Single Mom Unless You’re Actually Single

I am a single mom EVERYDAY. During my recent scroll through social media, as one does when she is wasting time, I heard a mom blogger (with a large following) say, "I’ve been a single...