Bernadyn is a Jacksonville native who loves the beach, sun, chocolate, and coffee. She met her husband while she was in college at the University of North Florida. They have two kids (6 and 9). When she became a mom, she began her freelance writing career. She wrote for various publications while writing for her blog, B is 4. Her writing and blog led her to become an influencer, which opened up doors to collaborate with other businesses, such as Ink Link Marketing, US Family Guide, and Vanity Fair. During this time, she discovered her passion for marketing and social media. She recently started a new chapter in her life by returning to school to pursue her graduate degree in English, specializing in Rhetoric and Composition. She also returned to working outside the home. She now works as a copywriter and social media coordinator for a publishing company. In her free time, you can find her spending time outdoors, searching for more chocolate or coffee, and finding new adventures to do with her family. Her greatest lesson she has learned as a mom is that time is precious and that there is always something new to learn from your kids.
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