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10860 US 1, North Unit 204 Ponte Vedra, FL 32081
Summer Camp at Ponte Vedra Martial Arts is NON STOP. Kids get a daily martial arts and self-defense training, along with a variety of activities, games, and creative explorations that revolve around a specific character trait. Past character traits have included perseverance, team work, and responsibility. These are full day,…
1459 Atlantic Blvd Neptune Beach, Florida
Michael Lee’s DoJo will be participating in this year’s Campapalooza. Michael Lee’s Dojo has been offering instruction and training in American Freestyle Karate since 2002. Michael Lee’s Martial programs have produced champions in life as well as in the martial arts. Headed by 5th Degree Master Michael Lee (Chief Instructor)…
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12276-615 San Jose Blvd, Mandarin, Jacksonville, FL 32223, United States
Our Mission is to foster an environment where people of all ages and abilities can benefit from martial arts training mentally, physically, and socially, by providing high-quality martial arts instruction and leadership development from enthusiastically dedicated instructors. This Academy has served the communities of Northeast Florida for over 35 years.…
1400 Millcoe Road, Jacksonville, Florida, 32225
Summertime is FUN TIME, but it can also be learning time with our Martial Arts Summer Classes. Students will enjoy awesome classes packed with ACTION and life-enriching skills of self-confidence, respect, and discipline. YOUR KIDS WILL ENJOY GAMES, PROJECTS, OUTINGS, PLUS THE LIFE ENRICHING SKILLS OF SELF-CONFIDENCE, RESPECT, SELF-CONTROL, AND…
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376 New Berlin Road, Ste #10 Jacksonville, Florida 32218
FINDING ENJOYABLE ACTIVITIES DURING THEIR SUMMER IS CHALLENGING LUCKILY THERE IS A COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION They want to have fun and not worry about school, and you want them not to waste their time playing video games. You want your kids to be active, and you also want to make sure…
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8570 Philips Hwy #102 Jacksonville, FL
Have your child put down the iPad and have FUN this Summer! Wondering what your child will be doing this summer? Have your child unplug from their regular routine by enrolling them in our 10th Annual Summer Camp. The GB Jacksonville Summer Camp offers campers an enriching summer experience in…
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The Mentality Martial Arts Summer Camp is designed to be a fun “martial arts lite” program where we get to see a wider view of martial spirit in different games and challenges. Last year we played chess, foam sword fighting, foam axe throwing, dodgeball, soccer, watched martial arts movies (kung…
14255 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL, USA
JMT is hosting a 1 week Summer Ninja Camp with half-day & Full-day options! To learn more information, send us a DM, email [email protected], or text (904) 500-5425
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