Shining Bright Preschool Summer Camp of the Arts

55 University Blvd N Jacksonville, Fl 32211

We believe in the importance of the arts where children express themselves as unique individuals. The arts give children healthy, emotional outlets for them to explore who they are in the Lord and that their gift of creativity comes from Him!

Each day of the week will be centered around a different arts class!

*For example: On Mondays, students will dive into a Spanish emersion experience. Students will experience Spanish culture through language, fun games, different Spanish foods, and more!

Each music and art class consists of students learning the basics and applying them to their new featured learning as the weeks progress!

At the end of summer camp, their arts experience will cumulate what they have learned into an arts showcase for the whole family!

This Summer Camp is perfect for children between the ages 5 and 10

When: Monday through Friday

Time: 9am – 3pm

What: Each day of the week consists of a different class: Piano, Ukulele, Spanish, Chorus/Worship and Art.

Price: $130 per week

Registration/Materials Fee: $150

For more information please refer to our brochure!

We invite you to look on our “Gallery” page on our school’s website for an inside look!