Chemical Peels: They Do Improve Your Complexion!


Chemical peels are an incredibly popular and relatively easy way to rejuvenate our skin. By expediting the exfoliation of surface layers, and building collagen, chemical peels have been a patient favorite to improve both the appearance and health of skin. Chemical peels also improve tone, texture, acne, and pigmentation issues. The most common questions I frequently get regarding chemical peels are the following:

Q: What does a chemical peel do exactly?

A: Chemical peels contain resurfacing agents that exfoliate and build collagen. This causes our skin to have increased cell turnover (which slows as we age), and also because we are producing a controlled wound, collagen is then produced. The result is smoother, brighter, prettier skin.

Q: Are chemical peels safe?

A: As long as you are being treated by a trained professional, then yes, chemical peels are very safe. Most chemical peels today are self-neutralizing, so they remain on the skin and shut off automatically; since the issues of timing and guess work are removed from the process, it is indeed very safe. It is imperative to have a thorough consultation with a trained and certified professional to avoid any complications.

Q: With all the new modalities available, why choose a chemical peel?

A: Chemical peels are tried and true and have been around for decades. My patients that have the most beautiful skin are “serial peelers” and typically get a chemical peel once a season. Chemical peels also work wonderfully in conjunction with other treatments and modalities; and I believe they are definitely a vital part of the anti-age equation.

Q: What are your favorite chemical peels that produce the best results?

A: My personal favorites are the Rejuvenize Peel (SkinMedica) and the Prestige Peel (Visao MD). I do these peels frequently on all skin types and ethnicities, and always see complexion improvement. These are both medical grade peels, which mean they are only offered by a medical provider, such as a medical aesthetician. Both of these peels contain multi resurfacing acids and are self-neutralizing. The Rejuvenize peel works in the lower levels of the epidermis; while the Prestige Peel works a bit deeper, in the dermis.

Question: What is the chemical peel experience like?

Answer: After a consultation is completed and the peel appointment is set you will experience the following: The provider thoroughly cleanses your skin. Then, 2-4 layers of the resurfacing agents are applied to your face, neck, and décolleté. Your skin will feel warm and tingly which first increases, then declines. You are holding a small fan to your skin, which makes the experience very comfortable. The self-neutralizing agents safely remain on your skin. The entire experience takes less than 30 minutes, and when you leave you feel very comfortable. Post peel instructions and expectations are explained thoroughly. The skin usually begins to flake and peel in the next 48-72 hours, and lasts 2-7 days. It is imperative to follow your post peel instructions, and not pull or pick at the skin. In a few days a brighter, smoother complexion is revealed, which continues to improve over the next few weeks. The best results are achieved with multiple peel treatments.

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