Getting My Pre-Baby Body Back with Cryotherapy

Thank you to the staff at Laser Loft of Jacksonville for hosting us at your office and sponsoring this post.

I am a woman who works out regularly(ish). By no means am I a gym rat, or one of those people who gets excited to workout. I get the job done, and there is PLENTY of room for improvement. I eat with the attitude “everything in moderation.” On a beach day, I rock the bikini and don’t think too much about the imperfections. Do I want to look better? Yes, of course. I don’t know many people who don’t want to keep improving their physical appearance. With all of this said, I’ve had two kids. I have an extra area that just will not tone up easily, and my skin is looser. This is not something I like to focus on, but yes, I am aware of its existence. Call them what you want — tiger stripes, badges of achievement, lightning strikes, the list goes on, but they are stretch marks. They appeared during my second pregnancy, and I remember crying. Hormonal, overly pregnant and crying about these stupid lines that appeared. Despite the several lotions and potions I tried, the stretch marks existed and the extra looseness was there. Recently turning 35, I said I would be my best version of myself this year — body, mind and soul. I even blew out a candle and wished for it. With it also being four years after the birth of my daughter, I honestly wouldn’t mind a little help in the journey to feel my best.


On a Monday afternoon, I lost 1″ around my waist, and all I had to do was show up to Laser Loft of Jacksonville and get CryoSkin. Wait, what? I’ll start from the beginning, and I am going to give you the full-blown details of what happened and how I am feeling. Including before and after pictures (that I still feel crazy for putting out there on the world wide web for all to see). Cryotherapy (also known as cryolipolysis) is a non-invasive procedure that freezes off fat cells, breaking them down with a very cold temperature, without any recovery time needed. Prior to my appointment, I did not know anyone who had ever had this done. Self-admittedly, I turned to Google and looked up ALL THE THINGS. There is no down time needed after any of your appointments, a plus for anyone, and I would see results immediately. From everyone I spoke with at Laser Loft and elsewhere, most people lose up to a half an inch after the one treatment. Depending on your body goals, most people will need 4–6 appointments, and they can last anywhere from 45 minutes and up, depending on your needs and your body.

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Upon walking into Laser Loft, it basically felt like a spa. The waiting room was something from an interior design magazine, and I found myself wondering if some of the décor would look nice in my own home. The staff who greeted me was so incredibly kind and helpful. Every person I come in contact with asked how I was and if they could help. After filling out some quick paperwork, I was ready to be taken back to start my appointment with CryoTherapy. Greeted by London Fernandes, I felt immediately at ease and found his personality calming. We walked back to my room, and I was even offered a glass of wine to have during treatment (BONUS!). With my notebook ready, I began asking my laundry-list of questions. My Cryotherapy appointment would take about 45 minutes, and he explained all the steps along the way. I would first have a lotion put on my stomach that was a reminder of the good ol’ days of getting prenatal ultrasounds, and the reminders didn’t stop there. The machine is like a larger ultrasound machine that turns different temperatures. First, it starts off warm, and it is moved all around your targeted area, which felt like I was merely having my stomach rubbed. It didn’t hurt at all. I was actually laughing during the procedure because it feels funny, also able to carry on a conversation and take some selfies. After warming up, it went cold. Not uncomfortably cold either, but like an ice pack moving around on your stomach. This is truly a hard-to-explain feeling until you feel it. Trust me when I say, I was fine, it was all good, and at no time did I think, “I want to be done, NOW!” In fact, it was over a lot sooner than I expected. When I was done, I was red and slightly swollen, but honestly that is what they want you to be. It shows that the cryotherapy worked, and the “swelling” was gone fast.

My Most Confident Moment Ever

Here is the moment I was mustering up all my confidence to share. My before and afters. Let’s all be kind and do the whole no-judgment thing because this is a big moment for me (deep breaths).

Real results after just one Cryotherapy session at Laser Loft.

As you can see, my stomach was red, but it went away within 30 minutes. When London measured me immediately after, I was down a full inch. Even he was shocked, considering most lose about a half inch in one session. I was given instructions to not eat any sugar/carbs for 4-5 hours after and to keep myself hydrated. That felt simple because, well, it was. Well, okay, not eating carbs or sugar for any amount of time is hard, but I did it. The inch I “lost” has stayed off, and if I wanted to get more of a sculpted look, I certainly could and London informed me I would probably only need 3-4 sessions total. The results in just one session were pretty impressive, and I would recommend Laser Loft to anyone in our area. In fact they have an extensive list of other treatments available including vaginal rejuvenation which is TOTALLY different than what a lot of other places do for their process. You simply sit in this special chair for 28 minutes — it is truly the weirdest experiences I have ever felt, but not in a bad way. Women can use it for so many common issues (i.e. incontinence, better sex, stronger pelvic floor and more) with amazing results. There are also filler and Botox options, facials, microblading and the list keeps going. You can find more about their services here.

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