Is Feeling Run Down The ‘New Normal’?

Thank you to Anderson Longevity Clinic for delivering hope and wellness to those who wish to improve their quality of life.

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I just want to feel good. I jokingly say, maybe it’s because I haven’t slept in six years (well, not since pre-kids), but does anyone else feel this way? I wake up every day feeling so tired, as if I barely slept. I may as well have been out at a rave or something. If you’re like me, you may feel like this is your “new normal.” That feeling of being tired and run down is just what all moms feel, because we work day and night to keep everyone else healthy and happy, and our cup runneth, well, actually empty. Maybe we exercise and try to eat right and cut back on coffee or soft drinks, yet we still feel tired. Maybe we turn off the Netflix and go to bed at a decent hour for 8+ hours of sleep, yet we still feel tired.

Maybe we just need to stop being a mom for a moment and remind ourselves that we are a human being who is not invincible and find someone who will listen. Really listen. Oh, and make it easy and convenient to get in and chat. Enter Anderson Longevity Clinic.

Anderson Longevity Clinic is committed to helping every patient live their best life. That philosophy is what led Dr. Anderson, and a dad of four, to become a doctor of osteopathy. As a licensed physician with a doctorate from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine who has the qualifications to perform surgery and prescribe medications, Dr. Anderson can help you look and feel better — and he feels strongly in taking the preventative approach to medicine. He provides a variety of services for both men and women including low testosterone treatment, growth hormone deficiency, platelet rich plasma and prolotherapy,  micronutrient testing and functional medicine, asthetic treatments like Botox, as well women’s hormone replacement.

Dr. Google Says I Have Hormone Inbalance…

The morning of my appointment, I went in reading the facts after Dr. Google shared symptoms the described a hormone inbalance. Yep, that has to be it. A few on the list popped out: weight gain, insomnia, hot flashes, inability to concentrate, anxiety, headaches, low libido, low energy, and loss of muscle tone. Check. Check. Check. After being greeted immediately by Dr. Anderson in the Atlantic Beach office and beginning our chat, I knew I had some other things to learn and think about. Among the common, do you exercise, do you drink alcohol, do you have a family history of XYZ, etc., Dr. Anderson asked me some other questions. Do you have a bedtime routine? Uh, my kids do? Do you have a morning routine? Yes, a toddler who climbs in my bed at an ungodly hour some nights. Do you check emails first thing in the morning? Guilty! While yes, these weren’t the typical general physician questions, I appreciated them being asked.

The ‘Whole Person’ Approach

Anderson Longevity Clinic takes a “whole person” approach to treatment rather than focusing on symptoms. And because while I may have a deeper underlying medical issue related to hormone inbalance that he could certainly provide a treatment plan for — there also may just be some general lifestyle factors that could be tweaked by yours truly. But the conversation didn’t stop there. Dr. Anderson recommended getting a blood panel to include while testing the regular cholesterol, lipids, etc., also testing these pesky hormone levels. We set up a lab technician who would contact me directly — to my home or place of choice — and he recommended the optimal time for the blood work based on my menstrual cycle so we didn’t get some off-the-charts results. I didn’t feel part of a doctor’s office factory, I didn’t have to wait to be seen, and I was able to schedule the next steps on my terms, simply and easily. Individualized medicine and personal approach to care for the busy mom? Check.

Once my lab results are in, Dr. Anderson will conveniently call me to discuss. No taking my toddler with me to the doctor, no taking time out of my workday, just simple and easy. The entire staff at Anderson Longevity Clinic believes in combining state-of-the-art medical techniques with performance-based medicine to deliver hope and wellness to those who wish to improve the quality of their lives as they age. They believe people shouldn’t have to sacrifice looking and feeling great simply because they are getting older. And I must admit, I agree — once I took time to stop and think about it!

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