Don’t Judge Mom by a Facebook Photo!

Here is my first day of school picture of my kids looking pretty cute — with a chalkboard so Pinterest-worthy! It was the next day that a big revelation happened. My friend and I were talking, and she says,  “Your kids looked so cute in that Facebook picture, you really have it all together. How do you do it?” I almost choked, and I began to laugh hysterically. I SO don’t have it together but at that moment I realized, thanks to Facebook, it sure looks that way!

The Real Story

The morning of the first day of school started smoothly as I had planned and laid out everything the night before. But time got away from me, and we were running late (yes, probably because of all my pictures). We all hustled into the car and raced to school and, of course, I had trouble finding a parking spot. We are running up to the school and my daughter starts crying because she realizes we missed the release of the pigeons. I scramble up to the front to find their classes and send them off with quick kisses while the toddler on my hip is crying because she wants to go to school too.

I finally feel a sigh of relief as they are off to their first day. While chatting casually with the other parents, it hits me that I forgot the kid’s snacks. I had amazing lunches packed in brand new bento boxes, but I forgot the snacks. What a rookie move! I head to the grocery store to pick up something quick and realize I forgot my purse–ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I don’t have time to go home, so I go to my friend’s house to beg for two snacks and drop them off. Finally, I am heading home, and I realize I am almost out of gas. Seriously??? How does this happen? Why can’t there be a gas indicator as annoying as the seatbelt beep? At this point, I am about to burst into tears. Luckily I make it home on pure gas fumes.

Yes, it could have been an even worse morning. But I am still feeling very defeated and as though I definitely don’t have it together at all!

Do you ever feel like you are the only one having these crazy days as you see all these picture-perfect posts on Facebook? I now find myself laughing and wondering what craziness is going on behind the scenes. Being a mom and managing everything is tough, and we are all doing the best that we can. I love hearing real stories and other people’s craziness. It is like MOM therapy and another important reason we should surround ourselves with other moms! Over the last seven years, I have felt so fortunate to have found great, real life sharing with girlfriends in playgroups, at MOMS Club, and in Stroller Strength.

What outlets have you found to help with keeping it real?

Kristen grew up in the Midwest and loves that she can now wear flip-flops all year long! She is the mom of nine-year-old football fanatic Zach, clever and crafty seven-year-old Kayte, and the wild and crazy three-year-old Quinn. Kristen loves being a SAHM, as long as that does not involve staying at home much- she is always on the move and a big kid herself! She stays busy volunteering with her kids school, being involved in the MOM’s Club, and staying active with her neighborhood. Working in human resources as a recruiter for 10 years developed her love for being involved and meeting new people. During down time she enjoys DIY projects, perusing Pinterest, live music, date nights, dancing, hanging out with girlfriends, running on the beach and laying in her hammock.


  1. THIS IS SOOOO ME!!! Funny thing… I forgot my 2 elementary aged children’s (I have 2 more kids in middle school) snack this morning. I though am fortunate that we parents have provided back-up snacks to keep in the classroom for those moments. Also, another probably insane thing that I do, I set our clocks ahead 7 minutes, house clocks and my minivan’s clock…why 7 minutes? I have no idea. I figured it had to be better than 5 right? I tried 10 minutes at one time and my husband couldn’t adjust well… odd how just minutes can mess your system up. Anyways, my son Nathan always grabs my cell phone out of my purse right when we get into the van to check “the real time” because we are always still just makin’ it by the skin of our teeth…lol

  2. I just posted my kids Christmas pictures from our portrait sitting yesterday. They are hilarious! I was a bit frustrated at the time of the chaos because who wants to pay that much money for chaos. Not one perfect picture out of the bunch, but man did she capture my kids! I happily paid for them and will cherish them always!!
    I try to always post something about our ups and our downs. 🙂 I think some of the downs make the best memories.

  3. Thank you for this — it’s oh so true for all moms, whether they want to admit it or not! I think that the best outlet for keeping it real is to be the first to admit that you aren’t perfect. When you let down your guard, you make it possible for others to do so too, and the sharing begins.

  4. There is more crazy going on behind my family’s scenes than the backstage of a Broadway production! It’s so easy for others who are peaking in to forget that life is dirty, messy, and inconvenient… and not always ‘Pinterest Worthy’ no matter how good it looks in pictures, you’re still only seeing the highlight reel.

  5. I love reading all this and the comments……here’s some advice from a mom who raised six kids and is now alone since the youngest hit college. Enjoy- don’t cry, rejoice- don’t fret, and be proud- not embarrassed of every go wrong kind of day. Those truly are the best memories…..most of the greatest, most put together moms out there…… are faking it, and the rest have to be a mom and a bread winner……go easy on yourself and other moms……this too shall pass…and way too quickly! : )


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