Easy Thanksgiving “Snack”tivity


The fall and winter months are full of fun opportunities to get together with friends and classmates. Happily, when I sit down to scan Pinterest for ideas, there is no short supply of inspiration. The only problem is most of these sweet, adorable treats are full of sugar, food dye and many of the top eight food allergens. This “snack”tivity is the exception to that rule. Not only is it made of whole foods, but you most likely have everything you need you to make this little guy in your house right now. This is such a fun craft to do on your own or with your children. The whole project completes quickly with little mess and three easy steps.


What you will need:

– 6 Popsicle sticks

– 1 apple

– A handful of grapes (estimate 2-3 per “feather”)

– Craft or Construction Paper

– Google Eyes

– Scissors

– Tape or Adhesive Dots

Step 1: Face IT!

Depending on the age of your little ones you may want to do the cutting for them. It is great shape and cutting practice. To make your turkey face simply cut out a small circle for his head. Next, cut out a small diamond shape for his beak, and a small comma shape for the flap beside his beak. Finally, cut out a pilgrim’s hat. Now, simply adhere those pieces to make a little turkey face. Finally, adhere the entire turkey face to one of your Popsicle sticks and set aside.

Step 2: Feather It!

To make the grape tail feathers all you need to do is stick the remaining 5 Popsicle sticks into one side of the apple. I typically find the apples we have are best balanced when seated upside down. I place 3 Popsicle sticks fanned out close to the center of the apple. Then I place the remaining two behind them. Now simply slide your washed grapes onto the Popsicle sticks. Once those are secure, stick your turkey face into the opposite side of the apple.

Step 3: Gobble him up!

There you have it. A delicious, whole food “snack”tivity that you and your children can feel great about


Stacy, a former health care program manager, came to the first coast by way of Charlotte, NC. “Passionate for community and creative arts. Stacy is Master Signing Time Instructor with Signing Time Academy and has worked with families and educators through Parent Education & Outreach Programs. Since welcoming the births of her and her husband’s two delightful, energetic sons, she has worked from home, always seeking to find new ways to provide a joy-filled, creative environment, nurturing a love for people, learning, nature, and healthy, natural/organic foods. Stacy shares tidbits of her “life learnings” on her blog, Wasting Nothing


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