Gift Card Date Night!

I love gift cards. Honestly, who doesn’t love gift cards? I have a confession, though…I hoard my gift cards. Restaurant gift cards, clothing gift cards, movie gift cards, the list goes on and on. They never expire and I just keep accumulating them. I don’t know why I don’t use them. Because I forget about them? Because I sometimes procrastinate? Because I have three kids and don’t get many chances to go out? Who knows! Whatever the reason, the accumulation of them can start to get a little ridiculous, hence “Gift Card Date Night” (GCDN) was created.

Date Night

Every so often my husband and I will try to schedule a date night where we use only our gift cards. Sometimes I get gift cards for places I do not usually frequent. On GCDN we accumulate our gift cards and make a plan. We usually end up at the towncenter which is where a good amount of our gift cards can be used.

Our most recent GCDN ended up starting at Blacksheep on the roof before we hit up the towncenter. It was such a nice evening, and it was even nicer having a gift card to pay our meal for us!

Date Night

Next, we made it to the towncenter. I was able to purchase a couple of pairs of jeans and a new running outfit from LuluLemon! I know, I know, how could I have been holding on to LuluLemon cards? But this way I was able to get a whole new outfit from there instead of just one piece (or half a pair of pants!).

Date Night

Sometimes on GCDN, we will throw in a drink in between the shopping to help keep my husband interested in shopping. That’s the only tricky part, making sure whoever you are going on the GCDN with remains interested instead of eyes glassing over as you go from one store to another. But the thing is, you never know what can happen on GCDN, as you can see below!

Date Night

There is one catch though with accumulating gift cards for GCDN. If you procrastinate too long, then the company could go out of business! Goodbye Blockbuster gift card and Borders gift card!

I love GCDN. I know it may seem weird to hoard a bunch of gift cards, but it’s such a welcome surprise when I get around to using them in bulk. Although when I actually get them all together, I get a little embarrassed that I haven’t used them. Who hoards Target and Costco gift cards??? I know what places I’ll be going to next!

Date Night

How do you use your gift cards? Do you save them and have GCDN’s? Or do you use them right away? Am I in the minority? I’d love to know!

Cheryl Leddy is both a mom and a C.P.A. in her native Jacksonville, FL. Upon graduating from the University of Florida, her love for Jacksonville brought her back to the First Coast where she began her career and her family. She and her husband have three curly-haired children, Nate, Evelyn, and Whit, whom she adores, but who constantly keep her on her toes! Cheryl is fortunate to be able to work as a C.P.A. at Farmand, Farmand, and Farmand, LLP while also being home with her children (except during the dreaded “tax season”!). Her favorite parts about living in Jacksonville are the great family and kid-friendly activities, the proximity to the beach, as well as the short drive to Gainesville, where she can keep up with the Florida Gators (her first true love)! She is excited to share some tax and financial tips that can benefit all moms and growing families…hope you enjoy!


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