My Gym Birthday Parties :: Easiest. Party. EVER.

A My Gym birthday party saved my sanity. I am one of these over-the-top birthday moms. I start planning months in advance and personalized everything, from the invitations to the cocktail napkins. I love doing it, but frankly, it is exhausting and takes me days to clean up afterward. And when our house unexpectedly flooded in late spring, I was forced to rethink my daughter’s June birthday party.

My soon-to-be 6-year-old attended a few play dates at the My Gym on Beach Blvd., and it was first on her list for her birthday party. I called to check the availability the weekend I wanted and arrived at My Gym the next day.

My Gym Party!

The coaches at My Gym were more than helpful and very attentive. I described my daughter and the theme she chose for her party, which was titled the “Princess Rock n Roll Butterfly Frozen Polka Dot Party”. To my surprise, the coaches at My Gym didn’t scoff at her theme, nor did they tell me what they couldn’t do. They told me all the fun things that they could do, including games for kids of all ages and finale on their famous zip line.

The only thing I was responsible for was the drinks and cake. What?! Talk about going from one extreme to another! My daughter was about to have a party that didn’t have every single element under my control, but I was OK with that.

The day of the party arrived and Lily couldn’t have been more excited. We arrived 15 minutes before the party time (if it was at my house, 15 minutes before the party time I would be in full-on panic mode, making sure all the food was warm, the drinks were chilled, kids were clean,- you get the idea).

The gym was decorated in a butterfly princess theme, it was perfect! One by one, her friends arrived until there were 20 very excited children, ages 18 months to 8 years, running around the space. The coaches took control with a unique blend of silliness and assertiveness. They were both excited and very in tune with the kids. The next 2 hours flew by, thanks to the energy of the My Gym coaches. We finished the party with pizza and birthday cake and many happy (and tired) children.

My Gym Party!

The days that followed the birthday party, I heard lots of feedback from the parents of the kids who attended. They couldn’t believe how organized and entertaining it was and how their kids now want their birthday party at My Gym! To me, that’s the best compliment to receive. And wouldn’t you know it- I actually enjoyed the party as well, and someone else got to worry about the cleanup!

(PS- while writing this post, my daughter came up to me on the couch and saw me scrolling through her birthday pictures. She informed me that she wanted her birthday party next year at My Gym!)

my gym collage

Thank you My Gym Jax for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

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