Calling all Super Kids: Help the Y Defeat the Evil “Summer Boredom” at Super Summer Adventure Camp

Super Summer Adventure Camp at the Y is getting ready to spring into action. We’re assembling our own hero squad to defeat kids’ (and moms) greatest archenemy – the evil “Summer Boredom.” Each week, children ages 5-12 will discover their own extraordinary powers through fun and educational activities including arts & humanities, swimming and free swim instruction, weekly field trips and so much more!

YMCA Summer Camp


Our day camp program centers on three areas proven to impact kids’ development: friendship, accomplishment and belonging. In a recent survey by SEER Analytics, 92 percent of parents/caregivers said they agreed the Y’s day camp program helped kids make new friends, 83 percent said they agreed the program helped their kids discover what they can achieve and 87 percent agreed their child felt a sense of belonging at their Y camp.

“We know that when kids are given an opportunity to accomplish new skills, make friends and feel like they belong, they are comfortable expressing individuality and feel more confident, connected and supported,” says Candace DeMarco, YMCA Associate Executive Director of Youth Development. “We are focusing on these areas to ensure that kids in our day camp program go home with so much excitement for all they’ve accomplished and enjoyed that they can’t wait to come back the next day.”

YMCA Summer Camp


Super Summer Adventure Camp is open from 6:30am-6:00pm Monday through Friday and features a new Super Hero theme each week.

Week #1 – SUPER YOU!

Super Summer Adventure Camp begins with get-to-know-you games and team-building activities. Campers explore their own super powers and realize who they are and what they can achieve. Together, with new camp friends, they’ll put their newly discovered hero skills to work – well, play.

Week #2 – Cowabunga, Dude!

We take a page from the totally rad Ninja Turtles on how to have super fun! Campers will become masters of activities such as painting, sculpting, building and engineering, just like the turtle’s namesakes: Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael. There might even be pizza and ooze before the week is over!

Week #3 – Fantastic Four

Campers use their own super human abilities to discover the science behind everyday phenomenon and explore mysteries about our universe. They’ll harness the power of their newfound knowledge to create four fantastic scientific experiments of their own.

Week #4 – Captain America

Explore the history of America with the First Super Hero. Campers will celebrate everything special about the USA and learn courage from Captain America!

Week #5 – Aquaman

Get ready to get drenched! We unleash a wave of water fun on campers all week long. The kids will pay tribute to the King of the Seven Seas as they embark on awesome H20 adventures and test their own super abilities during Go For Green!, our camp swim initiative. 

Week #6 – All-Star Superman

Just like the Man of Steel, campers will soar to new heights using their super strength and speed to challenge each other in kickball, dodgeball, relays, tag games and so much more. Which team will rein supreme? Cape not required, but it won’t be as fun without it!!! 

Week #7 – Captain Planet

The Power is yours! Campers become Planeteers as they learn how to become environmental superheroes to save Earth.

Week #8 – The Incredibles

It’s showtime! Using their super-smarts, campers become partners in fighting summer learning loss.

Week #9 – Avengers Assemble

Super Hero Teams unite to face a series of challenges and eventually work together to save the world.

Week #10 – Green Lantern

Campers will get super creative this week by maximizing the use of their most powerful weapon – their imagination. Like Green Lantern, they’ll master self-expression through arts & crafts, drama-based activities, music and dance, and so much more. 

Week #11 – Guardians of the Galaxy

Campers will grow their own Groot, discover far off galaxies and battle to keep the Orb within their team.

Each day’s schedule is packed with plenty of fun to annihilate boredom all summer long. To learn more about Super Summer Adventure Camp at the Y, call 904.265.1775 or visit


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