Summer is Coming – Where are your kids going?

“I can’t wait until Summer” is a sentiment shared among school age children this time of year.“What are we going to do with the kids?” is a sentiment shared among moms of school age children. Let’s face it. Twelve weeks of long, summer days with children is…well…long. It doesn’t help that this generations’ ability to entertain themselves runs out around week two sometimes day two. The days of just kicking them out of the house and expecting them back for dinner are gone. It isn’t safe anymore and parents are too aware of potential dangers. For working moms,  they must plan the 12 weeks so they will still have a job in the Fall.

Now whether you work part-time, full-time or you just need some personal time, the challenge remains on how to keep your beautiful children entertained and safe for a reasonable price.  For those of you who are facing this challenge for the first time, let me say you have no idea how painful, time consuming and expensive this process can be. I hope to spare you the experience.

plansummer.comFor those of you who felt the pain last year, let’s provide the top three pain points then consider trying an alternative method this year.  Try

Pain Number 1: Where to look?  – So you gathered the camp directories, flyers, direct mail and scanned an online directory. Guess what- you are only looking at camps that could afford to advertise to you. There are less expensive, creative camps out there.

PlanSummer Solution: Most Comprehensive Camp Listing – We do not charge camps advertising or any listing fee. All camps both small, medium and large are listed in our system. Even better if a camp is missing, a user can quickly add it into our system and share it with the rest of our users.

Pain Number 2: Missing Information – Check out the information you collected. Do you have all of the details or are you going to need to make some phone calls? Do they provide the ages, themes, discounts available and/or extended daycare? For example, the Bolles camp has more than 30 different programs. Do you think they have that information in their ad?

PlanSummer Solution:  Organized Vital Information – We made the phone calls for you. We collected the vital program information you need to select and register for each camp. We even have a feature for you to compare camp information side by side.

Pain Number 3: High prices – Each year advertising prices rise so camps are forced to raise prices.  An average 9:00 to 3:00 camp is $160.00 per week for one child. This prices hurts a family of 4 making less than $80,000.

PlanSummer Solution:  Special Discounts – We save camps money so they can pass on the savings to our customers. Discounts are easy to find and several camps have offered unique PlanSummer only discounts.

plansummer.comNow I save you time and money but what about your sanity? Do you go crazy trying to coordinate free help and keep everyone informed? Another feature is the ability to schedule free resources like VBS and help from friends and family.  Of course, how good is a great plan if you can’t share it? We also provided a feature where you can send your plan to your existing electronic calendars and email the same calendar to anyone who needs it.

I guess my last question is simple: Can you think of any reason why you should not use Price? Try our FREE Starter Edition then decide whether you need our Deluxe Edition.

From everyone at, the Summer  is coming and please let us help you! is giving away one Deluxe Edition to one lucky reader! Enter below to win!

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Lynn Layfield is a working mother of two boys age 8 and 11. Lynn was a stay-at-home mom for the first 7 years and has been a full-time working mom for the past three years. She is the Founder and President of which launched this past February. is a web based application that helps working parents quickly plan their children's care during the Summer break so they can work. Lynn has more than 20 plus years experience in the software and technology industry. She has been living in Jacksonville for more than 35 years. She is an advocate for downtown development and encourages entrepreneurs.


  1. My summere plans include enrolling my almost three year old twins in school (yikes!) and trying to find some exciting camps to keep my inquisitive 6 year old busy!


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