Now That It’s Finally Election Day, Can We All Be Friends Again?


It’s finally here (thank God). Election Day. More specifically, 2020 Election Day.

Some are calling it the most polarizing presidential election in U.S. history. It has resulted in shouting matches, violence, breakups, estranged family members, failed Facebook friendships — you name it. Emotions have been running high for months, along with a slew of hateful rather passionate social media posts, most of which frankly, I will not miss in the least.

Bring back the ever-present facade of Facebook happiness! Give me your baby pics, your filtered selfies, your overly posed family photos, your status updates about how you’re #blessed, and step down from your political platform for at least another four years.

While I can respect your political opinions, I admit it — I’m tired of hearing them. And if you must know, yes, I voted. For whom? That’s none of your business. (Side note: Not one of your hate articles, passionately pushy posts or angry memes helped me make my decision. I based my decision off of my core values and beliefs, along with a “Who Should You Vote For?” quiz on the Washington Post‘s website.)

After today, my sincere hope is that we can all come together and rise above any anger or disappointment that settles in as a result of the electoral outcome.

Let’s go from this:


To this:


Because let’s be honest — you’re probably not going to move to Canada if XXX is elected. The world isn’t going to end. Target will continue to open at 8 a.m. Oreos will continue to make special flavors for every holiday of the year. Our kids will continue to fight the incessant evil that is bedtime. The sun will rise, the birds will chirp, and we’ll all have to continue to wear seat belts and pay our taxes. Thanksgiving will soon be here (YASSS, all of the food!), and Santa Claus will come a month thereafter.

Call me naive, but we’re all gonna be okay. I promise. So, can we semi-get along and be friends now?

Tina Smithers Peckham
Originally from Kansas City, Tina relocated to Jacksonville, FL with her dear husband, feisty cat and sweet-natured corgi mix in 2016. After eight years working various gigs in New York City from magazine publishing to digital marketing, Tina joined the world of freelance, writing and reporting for a variety of publications and websites including MTV News, ET Online, Glamour, Us Weekly and more. Tina has also assisted with social media, editorial and content strategy for brands and personalities such as Britney Spears, Jordin Sparks, Beauty Brands, truTV and WE tv. When she’s not plugging away on her laptop, she can be found exploring the Jacksonville beaches, reading a good book or enjoying a local coffee shop with her cherub-cheeked little boys, Archer and Austin.


  1. Easy to say if you’re not Muslim American, LGBTQ identified, black, disabled, poor but not ignorant… or if what you value most in life are Oreos and Target.


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