The BEST of JMB: Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013

Although we launched in October 2012, 2013 was the first full year for Jacksonville Moms Blog. In the past year we have gained almost 3,500 new Facebook fans, and we are so grateful for all of our new readers. We love connecting with moms in our community, and we’re looking forward to more exciting events and playdates to come for 2014!

With so many new readers finding us daily, we wanted to share the Top 10 most-read blog posts of 2013. Some of you may have already read them, and some may discover them for the first time–but either way, we think you will enjoy seeing what local moms found the most informative, inspiring, and relatable blog posts of 2013. Enjoy reading and share or pin your favorites!

The Best of JMB 2013

10kidfriendimage1. 10 Kid-Friendly Day Trips from Jax!

Kacey compiled a great list of fun day trips you can take with the kids from Jax. Some you may have heard of, but there were many I never knew about until I read this post! Even the few I knew about, I definitely discovered new things to do there.



Places to have Birthday Parties in Jacksonville2. Best Birthday Party Venues in Jacksonville

Kathy put together an extensive list of the best birthday party spots in our area. If you have more places you have discovered, let us know! We’re always adding to the list to provide you with the latest information.



IMG_2584-13. Don’t Judge a Mom by her Facebook Photo

Have you ever had a little Facebook jealousy? Think your friend’s life looks picture perfect through her Facebook posts? Well, this post from Kristen reminds us that you can’t judge a mom by her Facebook photo!



248130_10151593196998571_203077103_n4. The Best FREE (and almost and almost free) Activities in Jax

A native to Jax, Cheryl knows the city and she put together a great list of some of the best free (and almost free) activities around the city to do with the kids.



7407_497734283607491_59357150_n5. Have You Joined a MOMS Club?

As a new mom or a new mom in town, it can be lonely until you find a group a friends. MOMS Club is a great way to meet other moms with kids your child’s age. Have you joined a MOMS Club?



Me and Sydney

6. Remembering Sydney

In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month in October, Lindsay Murphy told her heart-wrenching story of losing her daughter, Sydney, on the same day she was born. She also helps us understand how to support someone who has experienced a similar loss.



Birthday Party Entertainment in Jacksonville7. Jacksonville’s Best Entertainment for Birthday Parties

As a follow up to her birthday party venues post, Kathy has compiled a list of the best entertainment for birthday parties in Jacksonville.




TheBeachesimage8. Kid-Friendly Activities and Eats the Beaches

We created a series spotlighting different Jacksonville neighborhoods for fun kid-friendly activities and places to eat. The Beaches post has been the most popular, but our Southside/Baymeadows and Downtown, San Marco & Riverside posts are very popular too. We’ll continue to add to the series, so look out for more to come!



jmb thumbnail jes with text 9. Why My Five-Year-Old Isn’t Starting Kindergarten

When to start your child in kindergarten can be a tough decision. Find out why Jessica decided to wait on sending her five-year-old daughter.




2013-02-17_0001 10. The Working Mom Challenge-Juggling Without Dropping the Ball

Stephanie Knowles of Jaiden Photography blogged about the challenge of finding a balance between work and being a mom.




A Few Honorable Mentions:

A Few Reasons Why J-Ville is Awesome

Find out why our city rocks!

C-Section Secrets Part 1 and Part 2

Kacey shares everything you want to know about having a C-section.

Beach Bound with Babies

Jessica gives some great tips to be totally prepared when taking the kids to the beach.

Born in Jacksonville and raised in New Orleans and Houston, Megan attended college in Knoxville, then worked in Nashville. From her nomadic lifestyle grew a love for the beach, as well as a fondness for Cajun food and jazz, Texas BBQ, Tennessee football, and everything Music City. She is a work-from-home mompreneur with a passion for business, fashion, fitness, community, and all things mom. Having fallen in love with her parents’ hot plumber Mike in 2007, she married him two years later in her parents’ backyard. After their spunky curly-haired charmer Kingsley was born in February 2010, Megan decided not to return to her job. While spending time as a stay-at-home mom, however, she realized that Jacksonville was lacking some important resources for moms–so in August 2012, she asked her friend Vicky to join her in starting Jacksonville Moms Blog, now Jacksonville Mom. Megan loves learning more about her city; connecting with other moms, as well as connecting moms with one another; and discovering new local businesses. As the blog has grown, so has her family: in May 2014, she and Mike welcomed a spirited baby boy named Britton. When she’s not working on Jacksonville Mom, you can find Megan sweating it out with other moms, shooting skeet with Mike, or running around on the beach with her energetic duo!


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