Get to Know Our Co-founders! Megan and Vicky

What an amazing week this has been! We are just so excited about all the positive feedback we have received, and are even more motivated to make Jacksonville Moms Blog a success.

Monday begins the official start of our blog. Our goal from the beginning has been to connect local Moms with each other and with valuable resources around town. We’ve already seen some great connections being made this week and that certainly validates all the hard work our team has put in.

Here are some of the things that Jacksonville Moms Blog wants to accomplish:

  • Mommy-to-Mommy connections! Jacksonville is HUGE and we want to bring all Moms together in a fun, useful online community.
  • Learn how to SHARE! How many of us have already said that to our children today?!? But seriously, we want to share what we know, learn what you know and spread the word about amazing finds in and around Jacksonville.
  • Mom perks! Offer Moms and families great deals on amazing products and services. JMB readers will reap the rewards offered by our local partners!
  • Give Mom a break! JMB wants to organize some amazing evening events for our readers. Moms Night Out!

We hope you enjoy your time on our site and we especially hope you learn some valuable information, get some good mommy advice and connect within your local community.

If you’ve been following our contributor spotlights (and we hope you have!), here is some fun information about us. We are thrilled to be the founders of this site and welcome your thoughts and feedback!  Enjoy!

 Megan Kilis

Megan Kilis

Mom to feisty, curly-haired charmer Kingsley.

A few of my favorite things: FOOD- I love to eat! Facials (although I never get them anymore), living room performances by Kingsley, Bravo, date nights, comfy dresses, cowboy boots, fall when pumpkin arrives- pumpkin squash, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin doughnuts and pumpkin bread (but I hate pumpkin pie!) and vintage Lilly Pulitzer.

Best kept secret in Jacksonville: The French Pantry

My best mommy talent is surviving a year of sleeping an average of 3 hours a night.

Vicky Lane

Vicky Lane

Mom to energetic “I don’t take naps anymore” Brendan (almost 3) and sweet “I must be held at all times” Audrey (3 months).

A few of my favorite things: Making my husband laugh, when Brendan says “Mommy I love you” and sweet Audrey says “ahh-goo,” eating and food in general, Halloween, new restaurants, big cities, beach towns, headbutts from my cats, new running shoes,, Top Chef, Survivor, The Bachelor, and family walks on the beach at dusk.

Best kept secret in Jacksonville: The chef’s table at Medures and the salted dark chocolate chip cookie at Lillie’s coffee shop.

My best Mommy talent is typing one-handed while holding baby, training sweet Audrey to be asleep by 8:30, giving us two on one when attempting to put Brendan to bed.


The Kilis Family
The Kilis Family- Emily E Martin Photography
The Lane Family
The Lane Family- Jaiden Photography














Vicky Lane is the co-owner and co-founder of Jacksonville Mom (formerly Jax Moms Blog). Since 2012, she has been overseeing the content and technical side of Jacksonville Mom. In this role, she manages over 30 writers and works closely with the managing editor to provide the most relevant content for the Jacksonville parenting community. In her previous career, Vicky obtained her Masters in Education and served as University Registrar at the University of North Florida. Wife to adoring husband John, her love for all things “Mom” began in 2010 when their son Brendan was born. Vicky chose to put her full-time career in higher education on hold to spend time with her new baby, giving her a new respect for motherhood and parenting. In June 2012, John and Vicky welcomed sweet Audrey to the family. Vicky has created an amazing circle of Moms who are continuously seeking new ways to enrich their children’s lives in and around Jacksonville. Being part of the creation of an online parenting resource and small business that serves the great Jacksonville area has allowed her to flourish in a successful career while remaining present for her family.


  1. Y’all are awesome – so proud of you! Crazy that Megan and I were just talking about this a few months ago and now? Look at you – it’s a reality! Yay!


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