Jax Zoo Land of the Tiger – Media Preview

Ever since my first child could walk we’ve had a membership to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. As a stay-at-home mom, the zoo has been a very important part of my life in the past few years. It has given me the opportunity to provide an amazing and diverse opportunity for exploration to my children in an affordable way.

When I found out last year that the zoo was preparing to both turn 100 years old and unveil an incredible tiger exhibit in 2014, I couldn’t wait! At each visit we’ve eagerly watched as the construction at the far end of the zoo progressed and the anniversary announcements became more prominent.

Then soon before the opening of the exhibit, Jax Mom’s Blog found out that we were invited to a media preview of the Land of the Tiger. Let’s just say that at the word of this news, my third baby (the camera) and I were extraordinarily excited about this opportunity.

I was joined by my daughter Lilla and fellow bloggers Vicky (with her children Brendan and Audrey) and Kristen (with daughter Quinn) as we explored the latest marvel that makes our already amazing zoo even more spectacular!


 Happy 100th Anniversary to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens!!!



Megan grew up in rural central Florida building forts and feeding cows with her 3 younger sisters. Her youth led Megan to believe in the amazing power of female ingenuity and to put a high value on positive and supportive interaction among ladies and girls. As a graduate of the University of Florida Mechanical Engineering program, Megan moved to Jacksonville to pursue a career with a bio-medical device company and to begin a wonderful life with her amazing husband Patrick. During her years working as an engineer, Megan developed an interest in photography. When she put her career on hold to take on the hardest job a person could love (Mommy to Evan 5 and Lilla 3), she discovered her love of "life" style photography as seen at Megan Johns Photography. Megan carries her camera everywhere and sometimes refers to it as her "third child!"


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