Moms for Moms Day!

March 4th is Moms for Moms Day! The Bump was inspired by CT Working Moms Campaign for Judgment-Free Motherhood photo shoot they did and wanted to expand that message. This vision for Moms for Moms Day:

“The journey to motherhood is flooded with decisions (from the type of diapers you’ll buy, to the ways you’ll feed your infant, to the sleep-training methods you’ll subscribe to) and our goal is to support, encourage and stand behind each and every mother’s choices — and Moms for Moms Day is our way of putting an end to the judgments that moms make toward one another.”

On March 4th, CT Working Moms and The Bump are hosting Moms for Moms Day and are asking moms across the country (and around the globe!) to share their own Mommy Truths on social media using the hashtag #Moms4Moms and tagging @TheBump and @CTWorkingMoms.

Photo: Jean Molodetz / The Bump
Photo: Jean Molodetz / The Bump
Photo: Jean Molodetz / The Bump

You can read more about the movement and how to get involved here.

Jacksonville Moms Blog is excited to get behind this initiative and we would love for our readers to participate! We have touched on the subject through our Battling the Mommy Wars Series and think it’s important to stop the mommy wars and start supporting each other!

Photo: Jean Molodetz / The Bump
Photo: Jean Molodetz / The Bump


Photo: Jean Molodetz / The Bump
Photo: Jean Molodetz / The Bump

So how is exactly is JMB getting involved?

We wants to see your Mommy Truths too! Take a picture of you with your mom truth sign and send it to [email protected]You can take a picture by yourself or get together with a group of your girlfriends and do it together!

If you don’t have time or don’t want to make your own sign, no worries! The Bump has created free printable templates to make it easy!

We will compile all the pictures into a photo gallery that will be part of our Moms For Moms blog post on March 4 and will also be sharing them via social media throughout the day! Make sure you follow us on Instagram: @jaxmomsblog!

Let’s show the world that Jacksonville Moms support each other by “loving more and judging less!”

Megan Kilis
Born in Jacksonville and raised in New Orleans and Houston, Megan attended college in Knoxville, then worked in Nashville. From her nomadic lifestyle grew a love for the beach, as well as a fondness for Cajun food and jazz, Texas BBQ, Tennessee football, and everything Music City. She is a work-from-home mompreneur with a passion for business, fashion, fitness, community, and all things mom. Having fallen in love with her parents’ hot plumber Mike in 2007, she married him two years later in her parents’ backyard. After their spunky curly-haired charmer Kingsley was born in February 2010, Megan decided not to return to her job. While spending time as a stay-at-home mom, however, she realized that Jacksonville was lacking some important resources for moms–so in August 2012, she asked her friend Vicky to join her in starting Jacksonville Moms Blog, now Jacksonville Mom. Megan loves learning more about her city; connecting with other moms, as well as connecting moms with one another; and discovering new local businesses. As the blog has grown, so has her family: in May 2014, she and Mike welcomed a spirited baby boy named Britton. When she’s not working on Jacksonville Mom, you can find Megan sweating it out with other moms, shooting skeet with Mike, or running around on the beach with her energetic duo!


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