Are We Turning Into Our Mothers?!

Yes, we absolutely are and while the thought of turning into your mother may have you shaking your head and screaming “WHY??” the question we should be asking ourselves is, “Is turning into my mother really such a bad thing?” I don’t believe it is.

For some reason mothers and daughters like to drive each other crazy. It’s just part of the rules, I guess. Even if you have a great relationship with your mom (which I like to think I did/do, we never had those crazy fights I hear about), they still can drive you nuts, or say ridiculous things, or don’t listen, or pry, or hover, or are controlling, or embarrassing, and the list goes on. But guess what? There’s a chance you’ll be, or your daughter will think you are, all of those things too.

Jena and MomSo why is that? Well first off, most of us lived with our moms for 18 years. That’s 18 years of soaking up your mother’s personality. And in those 18 years I’m sure you made lists of all the ways you didn’t want to be like your mom, and tried desperately to stick to those until one day you did or said the EXACT same thing she did. That’s the worst, isn’t it? Oh my gosh! I just sounded like my mother! You can’t help but laugh at this, but deep down you’re scared, very scared you’re going to be just like her.

Side note: Have you ever noticed when you’re annoyed with your mom you call her mother?

With Mother’s Day on Sunday (that’s this Sunday in case husband’s are reading) we’re probably focusing on all of the good mom has done for us over the years. For the other 364 days of the year we might be rolling our eyes at her or trying desperately not to act like she does. But we, especially as daughters, shouldn’t. Because we’ve felt how our lives have shifted since becoming a mom. We understand a little more why mom hovered, was too lax, cried at times, smiled all of the time and ultimately became the mom we know and love, annoyances and all.

Jena and MomI’m pretty sure the day Isla was born I had a whole new respect for my mom. And then again when Isla had her first fever, and got her first tooth, and just about every time I had to lug the car seat up and down a flight of stairs. I still ask her how she managed to survive three kids when I feel like I can barely handle one. She was superwoman then and she’s superwoman now. So, when I find myself gasping at something I may not have thought terrible five years ago like she does, or saying the same exact pun she says or doing the same embarrassing thing to my kids that she did and still does to me, I think I’ll try to smile instead of shrink in horror because if I’m half the mom she was I’m pretty darn amazing, and so are you.


This Mother’s Day I plan to just acknowledge that about my mom and let her know that I’m proud to be turning into her.

Have a very happy and blessed Mother’s Day!

Are YOU turning into your mother? Are you proud of it?

Jena Pugh
Jena Pugh is a stay-at-home working mom, a wife to her adoring husband Paul, and mama to two spunky girls. She currently writes daily blogs for Entertainment Benefits Group, a travel company that sells discounted tickets to Orlando theme parks (, and Las Vegas ( shows and attractions. Her blogs include happenings in both Vegas and Orlando as well as celebrity sightings in Sin City. Jena also teaches group fitness classes with Jacksonville Stroller Strength and is certified as a nutrition coach.



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