How Moms Are Winning During COVID

In March, as some mamas were shaming other mamas for simply asking questions, others ignored the noise and saw opportunities to start businesses, build and restore strong relationships, and serve their communities.

This is not unique to the age of COVID but it is true during times of war, depressions, and pandemics. It’s times like these that one would think moms sort of crawl in a corner with their children, crying for help until it’s all over. But this can’t be further from the truth.

During catastrophic events, moms have been the hopeful innovators, resilient leaders, efficacious caretakers, and optimists that nations have needed to transition to a new normal. I’d like to share a few of their stories.

One group of ladies immediately started to mobilize and group to create masks for first responders in Jacksonville. Many skills were requested: organizers and networkers to identify and recruit the right people, sewers who were fast and furious on the sewing machines, detail-oriented mamas who could cut a piece of cloth to smooth precision, hustlers who could find fabric in a back alley for a smile and a roll of toilet paper. End result? Thousands upon thousands of masks were deployed not only here in Jacksonville but throughout the state of Florida and Georgia, helping to keep first responders safe just as they kept us safe.

Prior to COVID, one entrepreneurial mom saw a need in North Jax for a place where toddler moms could host Montessori-style playdates, find new friends, and grab a nice espresso. With a toddler of her own and one on the way, this mama made a decision to be there for North Jax mamas when the COVID veil was lifted. End result? Navigating the difficulties of opening the Play Factory & Cafe in a secluded location as well as new regulations under COVID conditions, she accomplished her goal and sold out of day passes during her first opening week.

Many working mamas, despite what a Google search will tell you, have been happier working from home while caring for their families. For years, moms have been told, “You can’t have a career and be a mom.” The pandemic has provided space for these mamas to laugh in the face of whoever made that ridiculous statement. As one of those moms who’s had more career success in the past six months than I’ve had in the past four years while doing homeschool, this has meant freedom and liberty from a long-standing societal standard. We get to prioritize our families, and our employers are supportive. We get to ignore “work-life balance” to pursue and achieve “work-life harmony.”

In summary, my fellow mamas, we are winning and dominating in an unprecedented way.

Sashaying from the rainbow state of Hawaii, NaTasha currently resides in Jacksonville, FL with her awesome husband, two beautiful island souvenirs (kids), and classy mutt, Maunda. As a PhD, NaTasha enjoys the freelance lifestyle, styling clients and blogging on DIY style. She has organized fashion shows and style workshops for a variety of large organizations including Order of the Eastern Star, Delta Gems of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., The Airman's Attic of the US Air Force, and more. NaTasha also assists with marketing and brand development for small businesses and training & development for APA subdivisions. When she's not glued to her screen for one thing or another, she is likely teaching Bible study, bumming at the beach with her island souvenirs or planning small events.


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