Moms on the Edge

Let me just put on my Captain Obvious tights for a minute and say that being a mom is pretty all-consuming. Once you’ve got a whole other human being (or a few) to worry about, a lot of YOU things just go by the wayside. In my case, blow-drying time decreased from around 20 minutes to less than two (or none). For others, it might be an over-reliance on Old Navy Capri pants. And if we’re being completely honest, let’s admit that there are some days we don’t even shower. Side note: we all know the only way to deal with this is to throw on some yoga pants, whether you plan to work out or not. Looking like a sweaty, post-workout person is somehow less offensive than looking like a just-plain-dirty person.

Now I’m not saying we can’t have our moments. I know plenty of plenty of gorgeous, put-together and, yes, even hot moms. But for the most part, with the exception of those super duper A-list mamas with personal stylists and ‘round the clock help, not too many moms could be described as edgy. There is hope though. If you want proof that it’s possible to be a mom without losing your edge, look no further than my friend Sara Phipps. Sara is a woman who can wear bright red lipstick without looking ridiculous. She started and ran her own advertising agency. She randomly took up painting as something to do while watching TV and ended up creating modern masterpieces that look like they should be hanging at the MoMA. Once, I went to her house in the middle of the day while she was working from home and, not only was she NOT wearing yoga pants, she had on a pair of killer heels and never took them off. So when Sara told me she had started making jewelry, I knew it would be something special.

Sara Phipps

As it turns out, special does not even begin to describe it. For starters, Sara makes her jewelry out of hardware. I mean, hardware. Nuts, bolts, washers and plenty of other things I might know the names of if I was handy. Then, she adds a feminine touch with vintage clasps and other baubles she sources from all over. The result being the kind of jewelry you could throw on with the most basic jeans and t-shirt and suddenly look pretty darn edgy. Same goes for a simple black dress. If you’re thinking that this sounds like something you’d see on Project Runway, you would be correct. In fact, Sara’s already caught the attention of a British fashion designer who fell in love with her jewelry on Etsy and ordered dozens of pieces for a runway show in Miami. Yes, when you’re as awesome as Sara, things like this happen.

Sara Phipps

So if you’re looking to add a little edge to your look in 2013 or you have a friend, sister or mom who might like to do the same, check out Sara’s Etsy store. You may even run across Sara Jaine Phipps jewelry at Rosie True, which recently picked up her line. As you can see from the photos, everything is edgy enough to make a statement, yet neutral enough to work with just about anything you’d normally wear – except maybe your yoga pants.

What gives you your edge??

Beach addict, magazine lover, beer geek, political junkie, runner, design snob, tree hugger, amateur travel agent, and rabid HGTV devotee. A native of Delaware, Erin’s advertising career took her from New York City to Detroit to Charlotte before bringing her to the Jacksonville area in 2006 where she promptly met her husband Shawn. They married in 2009 and their wild and wonderful son Owen was born in 2010. Since then, Erin has continued her advertising career as a self-employed writer and consultant working on a part time basis. Some days, she longs to be a full-time stay-at-home mom; on really hard mom days, she daydreams about being a full-time professional. But most days, she feels fortunate to have a balance of both. Although she’s spent her career in advertising primarily as writer, working with so many talented artists, designers and photographers has led to her keen interest in all things aesthetically pleasing – including great style, which will be her main focus as a Jacksonville Moms Blog contributor.


  1. Erin, I LOVE this jewelry! And, I love the concept of keeping your edge. I just bought some new Stila lip stain the other day and I’m wearing it all the time now. It definitely dresses up my everyday loungewear, haha!


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