Store Your Kids’ Artwork With Artkive!

If you are like me, you are overwhelmed with the amount of artwork your kids bring home from school. It seems like everday there is something new! Part of you wants to throw it away, but the guilt starts to build and you decide you’ll just hold onto it for now. Then before you know it, there are piles and piles of construction paper with handprints and scribbles overtaking your house! Well good news folks, there is an app for that!

Artkive was created by a dad who was in the same boat. He wanted an easy way to store his daughters’ artwork without all the clutter.  Artkive is super easy to use! Create an account and add the first names and grades of your children. You can then take photos of their artwork or upload them from your camera roll. Tag the photo with your kid’s name, grade, date and title. Photos can then be shared with family and friends or turned into a book or other great products (can we say hello grandparent gifts!?!).

I have just started uploading my kids’ art and so far have loved the app. Each kid has a gallery, and my son loves going through all the pictures and talking about what he learned at school when he made it. I have also taken pictures of my daughters report cards so we can group them with the projects from each year. It really is such a great way to archive your kids’ growth from year to year!

Artkive is only available for iPhone and iPads at the moment, but the company says it is working on a version for other mobile devices. You can purchase Artkive here for $2.99. Check out more about this app on their website:

Do you have a particular way you like to save your kids’ artwork and school projects?

Kacey Roache
Kacey Roache is a Jacksonville native who lives in Ponte Vedra with her husband, TJ, and her three kids, Lucy, Lucas and Lola. Kacey graduated from Florida State University (Go Noles!) with a degree in interior design. She is passionate about the arts and arts education and has served on the board of Art with a Heart in Healthcare, Ponte Vedra Public Education Foundation for the Arts, Christ Church Creative Academy as well as the PTOs at her kids' school. In her spare time you might find her channeling her inner Serena Williams on the tennis court, performing in community theater, or enjoying the beach with her friends and family. Follow her family's chaos on Instagram: @kaceyroachepvb


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