9A/Baymeadows Regional Park

8000 Baymeadows Road East, Jacksonville, FL 32256, United States

The 9A/Baymedows Regional Park site is situated between Baymeadows Road East and State Road 9A in southeast Jacksonville. The City purchased the 52-acre parcel from Disston Ranch in June 2002. Volunteer representatives from neighborhoods in the area, known as Baywatch, intent is to keep an eye on the development, growth, transportation, zoning, and parks and recreation issues relating to the area. Baywatch has had a significant role in the planning and funding for the Park in their coordination with Councilmember Graham and the Mayor’s Office. In December 2003, the Master Plan of the Regional Park was completed. Phase I development of the Soccer fields, infrastructure, playground, pavilions, and restrooms are open to the public by January 2008. Future Phase II will include the construction of the Baseball Fields, Fishing Pier, and Tennis Courts.

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