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Andrew Jackson High School offers a number of programs that help students develop into world-class global citizens. Below is a list of the programs that we have to offer:

AIR FORCE JROTC MAGNET The Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is a magnet program that focuses on leadership education to instill values of citizenship, character, and integrity. Upon completing three years of the Air Force JROTC program, students receive a Certificate of Completion. If cadets elect to enlist in the Armed Forces, the Certificate of Completion from the JROTC program will allow them to enlist as a pay grade E-3 in the Army, Navy, or Air Force, or an E2 pay grade in the Marine Corp.

HEALTH SCIENCES ACADEMY The Health Sciences Academy offers a unique educational experience to students who wish to pursue a career in the health care industry. Upon graduating from Andrew Jackson, students have the entry-level job skills needed to successfully pursue careers in many of the various health-related occupations. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on experience and rigorous critical thinking skills. This program also enables students to meet high school graduation requirements while earning college credits.

Our Community Education program provides quality services and programs after-school that involve various groups and agencies throughout our community. These include classes, homeowner’s groups, Scout troops, support groups, health and crime-related workshops and more.

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