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11701 San Jose blvd, Ste 26, Jacksonville, FL 32223

The Mission of Arch Pilates & Physical Therapy is to teach “Every Body” of all fitness levels and age groups Pilates exercises and biomechanics to enhance physical movement and appearance. Pilates exercises will strengthen your abdominals and back, improve balance, increase coordination, and decrease stress mentally and physically. Strength and stability along with body awareness and mental focus enables the body to move with efficient neuromuscular control. This optimal neuromuscular control carries over to all movements in life. Thus, treating and preventing painful movements as well as improving strength and coordination at all stages of life.

Mommy ‘n Me Pilates: Pilates exercises for mom and baby, ages 6 weeks to 24 months. This is a great class to gather your friends for a play date, exercise your body and mind, and begin the tradition of fitness with your child. We respect that children develop motor skills at their own pace. As we move into the 18 month-30 month age range, special consideration will be taken for a transition into the Bendy Bodies Yoga &Pilates for Kids program.

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