Cesery Park

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2601 Cesery Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32211, United States

Cesery Park is located in Arlington’s Lake Lucina neighborhood, at the corner of Cesery Boulevard and Columbine Street. The park and boulevard are named for William R. Cesery (1912-1996), a pioneer developer of Arlington who started the trend of building larger apartment complexes in Jacksonville. About 1950, he purchased forty acres for his first subdivision, which took its name from a large water hole that he called Lake Lucina. General Trading Company, whose principals, D.W. and F.W. Tredinick, founded the Jax Liquor Store chain, donated the land for the park to Duval County in 1961. The County created a tot lot for children, and the City took over its operation following consolidation in 1968. A wooden pavilion and picnic tables were added to the park in 1996.

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