Dinsmore Playground

10632 Old Kings Road, Jacksonville, FL 32219, United States

The Dinsmore Playground is located in the heart of the Dinsmore area of northwest Jacksonville, between Iowa Avenue and the historic Old Kings Road. Many early families such as the Plummers, Higginbothams, and Picketts are buried in the nearby Dinsmore Cemetery that was established in the latter 1800’s. Beginning in the early 1900’s, dairy farming became the principal industry of the area. Across from the playground resides Dinsmore Elementary School that was built in 1953, and the School Board leased land for the playground to Duval County in 1956, at a time when there were no public parks in Dinsmore. Currently, there is a joint-use agreement for the playground between the City and the School Board. The Dinsmore Neighborhood Civic Association has taken an active interest in the area’s recreational facilities through the years, and worked with the City in making improvements to the playground.