Duval Charter School at Mandarin

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5209 Shad Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32257, United States

Duval Charter School at Mandarin is a tuition-free public charter school educating students in grades K-8. For 2014-2015 school year applications will be accepted in grade levels K-6. Subsequent grades will be added each year. Duval Charter School at Mandarin is governed by Renaissance Charter School, Inc. and a member of the Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) family of schools. *Please visit our website for more information and application details.


We have been there since the school opened. Relieved to not be returning EVER. Teachers are constantly leaving. Every time a good one came in they were gone in a matter of months. The worst parent communication- the teachers were rude to the kids. Teachers were on dating sites on their phones during class time. When your child needs help with learning there was always some excuse as to why they could not get the help needed or they place it back on the parent to teach the child with the online classes. They did grade recovery but did not really teach the kid just passed them for showing up. I went to the school and had meetings after meetings with all the teachers only to be told a big plan of BS that did not take place. One of the teachers even left in the middle of the meeting with all of them to make a grand plan of help! So No respect for your time as well. This school is a JOKE and ran with total incompetent leaders. Don’t be fooled by the slick exterior this place is NOT there to educate your child.

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Worst school ever due to the fact that they try to cover up what is truly happening to our children. We trust and leave our children with them for 8 hours days and they can’t even protect them. My daughter was getting bullied for almost 3 months and no one did anything. Jerry Hulshut the principal was aware, Dean Profit was aware as well along with teachers. I filed a bullying report, contacted the school board, contacted the Regional Director of the school, sent numerous emails to the school and talked with JSO. Of course the school chose to not address the issue until my bullying report was filed which is ridiculous. Satanic things are going on in this school that they condone. Children are being made fun of and teased because they have a handicap. They are very unprofessional, communication is horrible and I don’t even see how these people were licensed to oversee our children. Such a pure shame but if it were there child/children I bet they would be concerned or maybe not. Parents truly need to open there eyes and see this school for exactly what it is. My child was failed by the school and myself. Very disappointed in this school and what it stands for, thank God my child will not be returning after two school years she attended there. This has been the worst school year ever!!! #Iamaparentwhostandsforherchild

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