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My Name is Talena, your dedicated doula.

I’m a DONA International Certified Birth Doula based in Jacksonville, FL. My initial introduction to this career was watching the reality show called “Meet the Cromarties”; Antonio Cromartie’s wife was giving birth to his 13th and their 5th baby together. She had an at-home water birth and the engagement of the doula enlightened me. The doula helped her manage the pain with no medication, was supportive and comforting. I was genuinely, in awe. That’s when I said, “that’s what I want to do!”

The main motivation of a doula is to help women have a memorable and empowering birth that the woman desires. The experiences I have had have taught me additional techniques of support and comfort each time. Having me as your doula I will provide comfort, peace of mind, and deliver on your desired birthing experience.

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