1001 Park St Jacksonville, Florida 32204
241 N. Atlantic Ave Neptune Beach, Florida 32266

Inspired by our travels to Asia and memories of growing up, we all craved the unapologetic flavors of true Asian food—dumplings with bounce, spicy curries, crisp pork belly, and the list goes on. When in Asia, we knew the best dishes were on the streets from hawker stalls. At home, we turned to parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to get a fix from generations-old comfort food recipes. We sought out restaurants in hopes of finding a gem, only to be disappointed 9 times out of 10.

Finally, it hit us—we had to redefine “eating Asian” in the states. From day one, the food was at the core of Hawkers Asian Street Fare—generations of Asian street food recipes have been passed down, some of which are still served on the streets of Asia. But there had to be more. We wanted to build a restaurant that would tell the story of the hawker experience in a subtle and design-conscious way. We wanted great drinks to pair with great food. Most importantly, we wanted to create a place that was high-energy, but approachable in a t-shirt or a sports coat.

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