Herb -n- Chick

8613 Oglesby Ave, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Herb N Chick aims to create a health driven community where individuals can engage in fun outdoor activities together. The facility is designed to promote both education and fitness through hands-on programs and exercises in an open space with four acres of land and an eight acre lake. Herb N Chick offers a wide range of hobbies and sports: from school field trips and growing nutritional foods in the garden, to fishing clubs and archery classes that welcomes individuals of all ages and skill levels


  • Petting Pals
  • Fishing Club
  • Family friendly games
  • Explore Archery
  • Educational field trips/Projects
  • Growing and raising fresh healthy foods
  • Senior Visits, Home School Activities

Our Site:

  • 4 open acreas of natures best
  • An eight acre FISH filled lake
  • Hand raised chickens and Furry Friends
  • Green House and Gardens (Coming soon!)
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